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Musings 2002/162

for Mary, therefore,
was transformed
into God's Mercy
for all mankind!

That is not to say that God does not love each and every person He has created. His Love showers upon everyone in the same way that the light of the sun shines upon all.
What it means is that God's exquisite Eternal-will predestined - by way of the consequence of
time and through Mary's Immaculate Conception - that His Justice would be overshadowed by His Mercy.
In this, we can understand a little of The Universal Church's teaching that Christ would have died even if He had only one person (besides Mary) to save - so great is His Love for each and every one!
Mary's mighty part in salvation history is of paramount importance, therefore, and The Church's allowance that Mary be honoured as co-redemptrix, is proven correct.
It is clearly intended by God that His Mercy
overshadow His Justice and that He brought this about through

His masterpiece of creation - Mary.

This was achieved, of course, by The Infinite Merits of Jesus Christ, her adored Son, for only in Him may Mary and her children, as the Mystical Body of Christ, enter the Kingdom of God.
Mary's mission in salvation history continues as we observe in Revelation 12 where the
red dragon makes war on the woman and on the rest of her children. This war continues to this day, even as the red dragon is in a state of complete defeat.
Thus we are able to request Mary's intercession for us, her children, for while our sins draw down condemnation in God's Justice, Mary's intercession before her adored Son for us, draws down His divine Mercy, instead.
Thus the prayer:
O Woman clothed with the sun, you draw all your children into the safe refuge of your Immaculate Heart, in your triumph for Jesus.


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