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Musings 2002/163

Engraved On Christ's Cross

We have been told that Jesus Christ embraced The Cross, when it was thrust upon Him!
We often think that The Cross was Christ's Cross, but I suppose that, in fact, it was
our Cross which He carried - for us. We were quite incapable of carrying it!
When He embraced The Cross, however, it became His Cross, carried on our behalf.
I, for one, if such a cross was thrust upon me, would have stepped back from it - a long way back - desperately scheming for ways out of the situation. More so, if we consider that the enormous pain inflicted upon Him, in His purely sinless Body and Soul, must have been multiplied in intensity as compared to us, of sinful souls and coarse bodies.
What courage and love did He show that He should embrace that awful Cross?!
Thinking along these lines, it occurred to me that
when Christ looked upon that dreaded death-Cross,
He saw en-grained thereon,
every name of every child
of His Mother,
who would gain salvation
because He accepted The Cross.

He would have seen, also,
the name of His blessed Mother,
most heavily stamped into it.

Christ would have seen the Eternal-will of His heavenly Father enshrined within that Cross; The Father to Whom He gave complete obedience.

Because of His great love for mankind
He was actually embracing
all of The Father's children
when He embraced The Cross,
and so His embrace was a loving, enthusiastic one!

While His loving embrace of The Cross is beyond the courage and understanding of any of us, Jesus Christ's vision goes far beyond that of any man or woman in history.
He saw salvation;
He saw the opening of Heaven to mankind;
He saw the triumph over evil and sin;
He saw the triumph over death itself.

Yes, if only I am lifted up,
I will attract all men to myself. John 12:32.

And so, in my musings, I was considering the possibility that my name might also be engraved upon that Cross.
The Universal Church teaches us that we should carry our little crosses behind Jesus and His Cross, raising our eyes to Him before us, joining our crosses to His.
Perhaps then, our names might be etched upon The Cross of Salvation, written thereon in a most special way -

perhaps Christ's Cross
is en-grained with all of our little crosses.

Perhaps He recognises us in the crosses we carry behind Him, and so, etched upon His Cross.
And if we are bearers of The Cross that The Universal Church is even now carrying,

perhaps this collective-Cross resembles His!

Indeed, if we ponder this just a little,
surely we will perceive
that The Cross The Universal Church is bearing,
has no counter-part in all creation,
excepting one,
- that of The Cross of Christ.

I often feel the greatest of sympathy for those real-Catholics who have stood steadfast behind the Pope; behind Truth, especially in backward areas like our own Archdiocese of Brisbane where the disowned, digraced modernism still pulls the strings of authority.
How often have I heard the agony in the voices of real-Catholics as they bear the great Cross that obliges steadfastness to the Magisterium, to The Gospel, to Tradition!
But - how grievous a thing to say - how often have I observed real-Catholics turn away from the Cross laid upon The Church by modernism, and, in their bid to escape,
grasp alternatives to the Faith.

Where modernism could not bring them down,
the deceptions of modernism
squeezed them out of The Church
into the arms of alternate
but opposing
which seemed to offer relief
from the great burden that makes up
The Cross of The Church!

Out of the frying pan, they leapt into the fire!
Worst of all, those real-Catholics who chose this escape consisted of the cream of the Catholic-world, at least in the regions that I know of. They were deluded in their desperate need to escape the horrors of modernism, and lost their right to be called real-Catholics.
They shrugged off The Cross of The Church.
Because they have been faithful to the extent of their capabilities and have thought to save their souls in their actions, I truly believe that they will be given the great Grace of reason and wisdom, returning with great speed to join us who so urgently need them, in carrying The Cross of The Church.
Yes, they will not perish, for their humility is so outstanding and their faith so wonderful, that they will assume to themselves the very Courage of Christ and come back to the Cross of The Church - they will embrace this Cross giving

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