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Musings 2002/163

example to us who are so timid.
They will do so, for they have travelled in the deceptively sweet regions of a false escape, and their return to The Church, even in Her state of bedevilment, will be of such exquisite relief,

that they will embrace
in the very likeness of Christ Himself,
this Cross of The Church.

And what strength will they have in their holy and invigorating relief! They will revitalise us who have languished under this holy Cross. They will seem like saviours.
Person of The Holy Spirit
Because we enter into The Era of The Spirit which issues forth from The Era of The Son and The Era of The Father, it seems to me that we should be trying to grasp Who is this third Person of The Holy Trinity.
The Church states that The Son issues from The Father and that The Spirit issues from both Father and Son, being the very Love between Them.
The Spirit is Love.
So The Person of The Spirit is The Love between Father and Son and that means He is also The Love between God and His creatures - that is, God's Love for His creation.
That also means He is The Love between me and my neighbour - between creature and creature.
Love one another as I have loved you. (John 15:12.
Jesus said to him: Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with thy whole heart and with thy whole soul and thy whole mind. Matthew 22:37.
It is reasonably clear that God's Love is The Love we are supposed to have between us and Him and between us and our neighbour.
That is a clear purpose for sending The Spirit upon us.
That's something to know about The Holy Spirit, Who seems to elude us in our knowledge of Him - eludes me, anyway.
And if we are now entering His era, then we should be getting to know Him.
So, I have been trying to get some facts on The Spirit of God and it appears to me that there are not that many facts to be had.
The Church explains that The Spirit issues from both The Father and The Son, because He is The Love between Them; that The Spirit is one of three Persons in the Godhead, all equal as God.
While God is absolutely perfect and perfectly absolute, then God does not change. The Catholic Encyclopedia confirms this, but it is clear enough anyway. Being Perfect any change would have to mean being less perfect!
However, because there are Three Persons, then each Person, while totally possessing The Godhead, is different. As The Son issues from The Father and The Spirit from Them both, then here there is variation.
If The Father is Perfect-existence, The Son is Perfect-wisdom and The Spirit Perfect-love, then that confirms there is a difference between Them.
We have mention in Scripture of The Spirit of God, both in the Old Testament and in the New. We have for example, in Genesis 1:2, we read that
the Spirit of God was moving over the face of the waters.
In another translation of the same text, we have
but already, over its waters, stirred the breath of God.
In the New Testament we find The Spirit confirming Christ's mission of Salvation, when He came upon the Apostles:
Then appeared to them what seemed to be tongues of fire which parted and came to rest on each of them; and they were all filled with the Holy Ghost. Acts 2:3,4.
It seems that, as well as being different in their Persons, The Three carry out different functions, which again accords with their different Virtues.
Christ's Mission was not going to be fulfilled at all, until The Spirit followed and confirmed all that He had taught, opening up the minds of Christ's disciples.
It will be for him, the truth-giving Spirit, when he comes, to guide you into all truth. John 16:13.
This is of course, natural, for when The Father works, He always works through The Son and by The Spirit and the same for Each, there being One Being and One Will in The Godhead.
Thus, when Each Person works in creation, each works in, through or by the Other.
With these sorts of things in my mind, I have been trying to grasp something about The Spirit of God.
With regard to creation, it therefore seems to me, that The Eternal-father must have brought forth the basic fabric of all creation. From nothing He brought forth substance, He being Existence personified.
And if The Son is Wisdom personified, then He must have provided purpose, method and framework for the substance of creation.
The Spirit seems to be the One Who instils the energy into the substance, created by The Father, in accordance with its natural framework, instilled by The Son.

Thus The Father provides substance for the universe
and The Son provides the architecture
and The Spirit provides the energy.

PAnd the angel answered her
The Holy Spirit
will come upon thee
and the power of the most High
will overshadow thee.
Thus the holy offspring of thine
shall be known
as the Son of God
. P Luke 1:35.
In these words we observe The Holy Spirit, at Mary's sanction, activating, in her virginal womb, the conception of The Son of The Eternal-father.
We observe the three-way co-operation and action of The Godhead in that The Spirit consummated Him, The Son, Who issues from The Father, into that blessed womb of Mary Immaculate.
The Father provides the substance.
The Son provides the method.
The Spirit provides the action.
The Woman; The Co-redemptrix
The total freewill given to mankind is sure proof that each person must agree to accept The Salvation of Jesus Christ, if he is to be saved.

In this, each person co-operates with his Saviour,
in their own salvation.

But, above and beyond that, each and every Catholic who helps, by means of prayer or other good action, another person in obtaining Eternal-life, is a co-operator with Jesus Christ in the great Work of Salvation.
What then is the great problem with many so-called Christians who can not accept Mary as Co-redemptrix?
They can accept that they, themselves, are able to be a co-redeemer with Christ in that they assist someone else to get

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