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Musings 2002/164

Devotion to Mary Promotes
Sanity and Perception

Modernists follow the error of some Protestants in dragging Jesus Christ down to their level. This is a fatal mistake and causes a blindness in them that is extremely hard to penetrate.
For example, such Protestants' study of Scriptures brings them a false sense of Truth; a one-sided look at Christianity; a false perception of Mary and the Communion of Saints.
In dragging The Lord down to our sordid level, modernists leave no room for Mary, the Angels and Saints; no room for the Holy Souls in Purgatory.

Instead, Jesus Christ, Himself,
is placed in their stead!!!

In placing Christ in their stead, they then perceive our veneration of Mary and the Saints as adoration, not realising that our veneration is a sure and necessary step Heavenward, towards The Lord. In venerating Mary and the Saints, we perceive Jesus Christ in His real position which of course, is far above them.
Our sanity is kept intact because of this, because not only do we realise the Truth of heavenly things, particularly that Jesus Christ is God, the Second Person of The Blessed Trinity, but we leave room for Mary and the Saints, providing Catholics with a much fuller perception of God and His creation; of the Communion of Saints; of the heavenly Kingdom; of The Church Militant, Suffering, Triumphant.
In venerating Mary and acknowledging her great virtues given her by God, we come to an exquisite realisation of her unparalleled beauty and glory before God and before man. This realisation is a marvellous, unique experience and prepares us for the greater acknowledgment which we must have for The Christ, Jesus.
In our astonishment at Mary's perfections, we acknowledge the great majesty and wonder of God Who created her, and, raising our eyes to Jesus Christ, we are enabled all the better, to perceive His divine Glory and Majesty.
On the other hand, because we go to Christ with and through Mary and the Saints, we actually draw closer to Him then such Protestants are capable of, for they disable and disadvantage themselves by ignoring Mary, the Saints, the Angels and the Holy Souls.
In this way,
we are raised by God's Grace upwards to Him - where they would draw Him down to their own company in the world.
To Draw Us up to Divinity
It was for this very reason that Christ came into the world, taking upon Himself the nature of humanity - to draw us up to His Divinity. As Archbishop Thomas Christopher Collins states in his Work: The Eucharist: "It Is The Lord!" (Archdiocese of Edmonton, October 18, 2000.)
P In ancient times, water was always mixed with wine, as a practical measure, and this is done at Mass as well. But it has taken on a spiritual significance expressed by the beautiful prayer the priest says:

"By the mystery of this water and wine,
may we come to share in the divinity of Christ,
who humbled himself to share in our humanity." P

So Protestants search and study Scripture but somehow never, ever, come across - for some strange reason - the wonderful detail provided therein which can do nothing else but lead them to a powerful veneration of Mary, the Saints and the Angels.
How can a person study Scripture for decades, even for a lifetime, and fail to perceive the honour given, therein,  by God to Mary?
How is this possible?
I won't bother re-quoting Scripture on Mary's stature and purity and perfection - I have done so, so often, in previous issues of
Heartsare - but I have to marvel at the blindness of so-called Christians who place all their faith in Holy Scripture, but somehow, by some magical betrayal, they are as blind as a bat when Scripture explicitly highlights Mary's greatness before God and before all creation!!
Yet, if they are so blinded, what of those who call themselves 'Catholics' who follow this insane trend?!
This insanity does not end there, unfortunately, for there are many 'Christians' who are not only chloroformed in their selected Scripture readings but then go a step further and attack The One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ - the very society that could help them in their search for salvation and for the meaning of Scripture!
They Show Hatred for The Church
In this era of ecumenism the uncontrolled hatred for real-Catholicism continues, even if temporarily, in its diabolical path.
This clearly portrays a lack of love from such Protestants and 'Catholic' modernists and, arm in arm with that, a lack of goodness and truth. The deceivers who lead them, dealing directly with evil itself, know that anyone who honestly studies The Catholic Church and earnestly seeks Truth, will find therein his heart's desire and the fulfilment of all his spiritual dreams.
Therefore, such deceivers must do everything to keep their manipulated followers from investigating The Church, because in a short while, they would have no followers!
The Era of The Spirit
However, in the fullness of The Era of The Spirit - now upon us I believe - when satanic influence will disappear from the world, our minds and hearts and souls will be opened to their full potential. Deception will then be impossible and deceivers will instantly perish or repent.
The Catholic Church will then become the light for the world - for Her Truth, Her Love and Her Goodness will shine across the nations unhindered.
Because She is the Mystical Body of Christ, this light that shines around the world, will be the very Light of Jesus Christ - just as it is today and always has been! But in those days, everyone will perceive The Church in Her true beauty, as the Bridegroom.
Humanity and God
In the beginning of man's journey upon the earth, God created Adam, and from him He brought forth Eve.
The woman issued from the man.
Eve issues from Adam by divine intervention. They are the parents of all mankind and they were created as man and woman, perfectly. They remained perfect creatures until they sinned by disobedience.
However, looking at the new Adam and the new Eve, that is to say, Jesus Christ and His Mother, Mary, we find a reversal in the manner of issue.
The Man issued from the Woman - Jesus issued from Mary. Here also, The Man issues from The Woman by divine intervention.

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