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Musings 2002/164

Protestants and Scripture
On the other hand, some Catholics accept the Protestant accusation that they do not read, contemplate and sometimes, so not even accept Scripture. They also believe that Protestants do read, contemplate and accept Scripture and so we should be more like them.
I have no argument against the idea that  Protestants do read, contemplate and accept Scripture. Where Protestants violate Scripture and use it against The Catholic Church and against Truth, then I do have many arguments against that idea.
Indeed, Protestants who hate The Church are quite ignorant as far as Scripture is concerned. Such poor people have been badly brainwashed and blinded.
Jehovah Witnesses and Scripture
If we look at the anti-Catholic, anti-Christian institution going under the name Jehovah's Witnesses we can glimpse just how far some people will go to violate Scripture and stoke up a furnace of hatred for Christ's Church., that lead by the Bishop of Rome.
This pitiful organisation has found that Scripture tells us that Jesus Christ is not The Son of God, the Second Person of The Holy Trinity. No, they have found somehow, somewhere that Jesus is St. Michael, the Archangel!!

P The JW's translate the same Greek word Kurios,
as 'Lord'
when referring to Christ
and as 'Jehovah'
when referring to the Father

(cf Matthew 4:4,7; 7:21 f; 22:44; etc.) First: the word Kurios is not the same word as used for Jehovah (YHWH) in the old Testament; it is a different word, entirely!
There is no way one can get 'Jehovah' from
Second: The word
Jehovah, since it is not Greek, is never found in any of ancient New Testament manuscripts. The presence of the word 'Hallelouia' (Hallelujah) in Revelation 19 is not really an exception. For though it is a signification for 'praise Jehovah or the Lord', it is not a literal appearance of the word 'Jah', "Jehovah' or 'YHWH'. It is not 'Hallelujah' in the Greek; it is 'Hallelouis' and only signifies 'praise to the Lord'.
The Apostles, who wrote the original letters in Greek,

used the word 'Kurios' (Lord)
in reference to all three persons
in the Godhead.

Not once did they use the proper name 'Jehovah' which is not Greek.'
Now, to insert the word 'Jehovah' for the word 'Lord' in translating from the original Greek is to surplant the original word with another.

Such is a perversion
of the true text. P

So writes Gerald Wright in his terrific little booklet The JW's Bible, (page 10) and I recommend this booklet to everyone.
Gerald Wright is precise in his execution of the JW's and their deceptions and leaves one wondering just how can anyone follow the nonsense they preach!
And he goes on to ram home the errors of this non-Christian sect when he notes:
P The Witnesses in their prejudiced attempts to insert the word 'Jehovah' for 'Lord' in connection with only the Father, have erred many times.

For not a few times
have they used the word
'Jehovah' for 'Lord'
thinking the passage
was referring to the Father
when, in fact, the passage
was referring to Christ. P

Wright then gives several illustrations of the JW's blunders, where they actually have their warped translation saying that Christ is Jehovah! For example Matthew 3:3, Acts 2:21, Romans 14:8-12, etc. etc. The author goes on to detail other types of JW grand blunders, as he calls them.
Again an example (page 46) Wright mentions that the JWs in their determination NOT to worship Jesus Christ as God, further violates Scripture thus.
P When they felt the Father was the object, they translated the Greek words as 'worship'. When Christ was understood to be the object, they translated the exact same words as 'to do obeisance'. P
Can you believe it!
Every time a Jehovah Witness comes upon me, I remind him of the last verses of Scripture where dire warning is given to anyone who violates the sacred text.
The Warnings of Apocalypse
According to the Rev. H. B. Kramer, in his The Book of Destiny, which details his life-long investigation into the Book of Revelation, notes the following:
The final verses of Revelation
warn against every wilful subversion of the teachings in the book not against a mere inadvertent mistake in copying or interpretation. P. 516.
On the same matter, on page 517, he adds
If the culprit nullify this prophecy or even deny it to be a prophecy, he shall lose his membership of The Church which protects, by its great high wall, the faith and morality of its citizens against the approach of danger.
The words are a withering threat to those Protestant sectaries who have interpreted the prophecies in accordance with their prejudices and their own private purposes.
(page 518.)
The Jehovah Witnesses, because of their base 'prejudices' have reaped their reward in mutilating Scripture - they can no longer be considered as Christians!
Scripture and The Church
These frightening warnings can be applied to anyone opposing biblical interpretation by The Catholic Church, for She wrote the New Testament and is the ground and pillar of the Truth. (I Tim 3:15)


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