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Musings 2002/165

Friends in Heaven
P In his right hand were seven stars;
from his mouth came a sword
sharpened at both its edges;
and his face was like the sun
when it shines at its full strength. P

This is the description of Jesus Christ as perceived by the Apostle John and recorded in his astonishing book of Scripture, The Apocalypse, 1:16.
Having thus perceived The Lord, he
fell down at his feet like a dead man, and he, laying his right hand on me, spoke thus: Do not be afraid, I am before all, I am at the end of all, and I live. Apoc. 1:17.
Now, if we look also at Apocalypse 19:10 we find a similar situation, but in this case it is an Angel before whom the Apostle falls in adoration.
P Thereupon I fell at his feet, to worship him. But he said, Never that; keep thy worship for God; I am only thy fellow servant, one of those brethren of thine who hold fast the truth concerning Jesus. P
We observe in these two readings that it is proper to worship Christ, but improper to worship Angels, magnificent as they obviously are.
Of course.
Worship is only due to God.
And true and acceptable worship - as desired by God but also as proper for mankind - is only in Truth and in Spirit, as Jesus declares in John's gospel 4:23.
The Catholic Church - naturally - realises that divine worship is reserved for God alone.

This is plain common sense
for there is only one God
and only God is to be worshipped.

Now, the point I am trying to make is that the Apostle thought he perceived in the Angel and/or in what the Angel said, something worthy of worship.
Obviously, the Apostle was mistaken and the Angel said so.
Nevertheless, we are obliged, here, to recognise that Angels are such exquisite creatures of God, that even the beloved Apostle felt bound to pay them great homage. His homage was excessive, due perhaps to a misconception, but it is perfectly clear that

homage was due
but not homage that ranked as worship.

That is a simple observation and, it seems to me to be an undeniable fact, that all good Angels should be given due appreciation for what they are and what they do; that is to say, we should pay them homage - a simple courtesy.

If this is undeniable, then it is patently true
that the person who is destined to be saved,
will pay homage
to God's wonderful, powerful and glorious Angels.

One is reminded of Mary's prophetic statement that all generations shall call me blessed. Luke 1:48.
Not only should Mary receive homage from mankind, but so also should all of God's great champions, whether Adam or Moses or Peter. In this August company we must include the great Archangel Michael, Gabriel, Raphael.
And This Homage is Homage to God.
Not only is it simple courtesy to give due homage to the Angels and Saints, but this homage is homage to God Himself, for it is God Who created the Saints and Angels. We therefore, are only giving praise and glory and gratitude to God in respect of His great works in bringing forth such truly magnificent creatures.
This is the same simple courtesy we give to architects or painters when we compliment their works, because in complimenting their works, we compliment them.
On the other hand, in failing to compliment their works we FAIL to compliment them.
So too with God. In failing to pay proper homage to His Angels and Saints, we fail to pay proper homage to God whose servants and supporters they are.
How is it that we can pay homage to one another, to champions of sport, to actors and singers, to great leaders, but then fail to give similar homage to those who have reached Heaven and are far more wonderful then we who still struggle on earth.
Look at Matthew 11:11
Amen I say to you, there has not risen among them that are born of woman a greater then John the Baptist; yet he that is the lesser in the kingdom of Heaven is greater then he.
Christ here gives us the answer to critics of The Catholic Church. They ridicule and spread hatred about Her because She pays homage to those in the Kingdom of Heaven.

How great they must be, in the Kingdom,
particularly Mary, the Woman of Scripture,
when Jesus says that the least in the Kingdom
is greater then John the Baptist!

Mary's Perfection and God's Will.
I just can not get over the unlimited and stupendous Will of God The Father. Even in the glory that He has laid upon the Saints and Angels, which we are unable to fully comprehend, so beauteous they are, God has wonderful purpose.
We are unable to perceive the glory God has given them for their faithfulness to Truth, for good reason. Otherwise we would be like John the Apostle who fell down in worship before the Angel. If we were able to grasp their glory we would be timid and fearful of approaching them, even though God desires, in His Commandment, that we
love one another.

Or do we think
that God excludes His Angels and Saints
from this first of His Commandments?

Of course not. This is so obvious the youngest child could understand it.
This applies also to Mary, for when the magnificence and wonder of Mary is hidden from our perceptions, we are able to go to her like the little children we are, for she is our Mother. We are encouraged to approach The Mother of Christ as close as we like, treating her as the closest of friends; being as intimate as is possible for a human being.
Even as we read about Mary in Scripture as
the woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet and a crown

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