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Musings 2002/165

of twelve stars about her head, we are not able to comprehend the stunning glory of it all, so faulty are our intellects!
But God's Will is supreme, using our faultiness to allow us to become most intimate with The Woman when, had we heavenly eyes to see with, we would tremble before her super-abundant beauty and incomparable glory. We would withdraw from her, afraid to go close, in our sinfulness and earthly nature.
What an Exquisite Gift to Catholics.
Yet, in being totally intimate with The Mother, we gain great Graces from God. We are transformed in Mary's motherly love for us, and our hearts are filled with joy.
As that truly uplifting hymn has it:

P O Mother I could weep for joy,
Love fills my heart so fast.
My soul today is Heaven on earth.
O could the transport last.
When Jesus looks upon thy face
His Heart with rapture glows.
And in His Church, by His sweet grace,
Thy blessed honour grows. P

So we Catholics, in our sinful natures, approach the blessed Mother as little children to their own mothers; we are filled with wondrous transports of delight and happiness, which would have not been available had we perceived fully Mary's magnificence before God and then withdrew as we recalled our own poverty!
What then of those poor Christians who refuse to go to Mary?
How sad a plight they find themselves in! They turn away God's gifts to them
And then, there are our Guardian Angels
to whom we should pay our respect; they who would communicate with us in their eternal happiness, assisting us at every step of our earthly journey. Their heavenly perfection is also beyond us, and so we approach them without fear or trepidation, treating them with a casualness that is found in the closest friendships.
When we see them in Heaven we will be astonished at our daring here on earth, in approaching them. But we will be eternally grateful for the blissful ignorance which enabled us to do so.

And what of our friends and families
who have gone before us to Paradise?
Are we to cut them off
as if they no longer existed?

Of course not. If we were close to our family and friends on earth, how much closer could we be, with them in Heaven?
With Mary Towards Jesus Christ.
In our intimate association with Mary we do, in fact, get a better glimpse of her glories, even if still our perception is limited.
The association we form with Mary becomes one that will last forever, and from which we can expect great gifts, for Mary, as our Mother whose love is greater then any other, intercedes for us before her adored Son.
Indeed, she takes us to Him and teaches us about Him, worshipping Him with us.
So fortunate are we, in Mary's friendship, where we not only perceive her beauty but are allowed greater insight to the Glory that is God.
For if we are astonished at the beauty of Mary, what greater, more delightful astonishment is our wonder at the Glory of God!
Becoming a Catholic Today
I have broached this subject before, but this is so important, I felt that I would look again at it.
In a world that has thrown Truth out the back door, the incapacity to perceive moral truths has become a horrendous disablement. For example, we have multitudes of people who would think that abortion can be a good thing! Just as many would look with favour upon euthanasia! Perhaps even more consider homosexuality as socially acceptable!
Yet even more would consider artificial contraception as desirous!!
These disordered, moral disasters that blossomed in the twentieth century (amongst others), come out of the awful perception that social justice is the new religion of mankind - even though these tragedies can hardly be included in any social justice agenda.
Yet they are accepted as such by people in the millions.
Nations and governments tend to accept them. As yet they do not, in general, give official approval in legislation, although the situation is similar to that of decades ago when divorce was considered a no-no.
Now, divorce is approved by governments and public, in spite of the havoc caused by family break-up igniting a million problems and disasters for spouses, for society, for children, for police, for nations!
But regardless of past infamous and obvious errors, great numbers of civilised peoples are expecting more and even greater laxity in moral standards!
Consider the awful advances of pornography!
The Universal Church has the Same Problem
This particular, blind mindset on morality, on social justice, has become a festering cancer also in The Universal Church, because of the great apostasy of modernism.

Modernism is like a great bloated tick
that has injected its poison
into the blood veins of The Church.

Therefore, I feel greatly distressed for those many people, especially in such nations as Australia, who with every confidence, come to The Catholic Church, seeking Truth.
These Truth-seekers can be expected, in most places, to come in close contact with 'Catholics' who no longer know what The Church teaches. They may even have contact with 'Catholics' who have dedicated themselves to the work of the great bloated tick.
What treachery and gross injustice might be metered out to these Truth-seekers from such 'Catholics' - some of whom are probably catechists! - who claim to belong to The Church,  Christ's depositary of Truth for the world?
What advice might be given these Truth-seekers?
On putting forward that question, I am reminded immediately of our marvellous Penny Catechism which has been the wonderful medium for past decades in providing simple and beautiful explanations on Catholicism.
Penny Catechism is not only for the very young, as many would think. No. It is for all spiritual children of The heavenly Father, whether age 100 or age 5. To my mind, this little Catechism is indispensable.
Having a copy of
The Catechism of The Catholic Church is a definite must, also, for the Truth-seeker. This masterpiece of religious literature not only re-states and reinforces Catholic Doctrine of past centuries, but provides greater explanation and improved understanding.
Keeping up to date with Catholic events around the world, from good sources only, is important too. This is so because modernism is in its final stage of defeat and Catholic news, especially of decisions and events from the Vatican, give proof of this defeat. This proof is perceived also from other Catholic centres, where reinforcement of or return to, Catholic Tradition and Doctrine are evident.

Being aware of the great re-emergence of Catholicism

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