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Musings 2002/165

around the world
is important
when communicating with modernists or pro-modernists
who would have us believe the lie
that the old Doctrines and the old Traditions
are passing away.

Most important, too, to the Truth-seeker is the need for prayer, especially the family Rosary.
Remaining in the company of the Blessed Virgin ensures her protection and guidance from error and deception.

Retaining or developing devotion
to the Mother of Jesus Christ
is certain proof
that one is on the right path to Heaven.

Attending the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is another source of divine assistance for the Truth-seeker,

for Holy Mass is mankind's greatest source
of spiritual energy;

even when a modernist Priest presides. Ignoring the failures of liturgy organisers to remain within Church guidelines, the faulty homilies of the Priest and the lack of devotion by many in the congregation, the Truth-seeker gains great Graces from Almighty God.
A second assurance of advancement in Catholicism for the Truth-seeker is his love for Holy Mass and his great devotion for the Real Presence of Jesus Christ in the blessed Eucharist.

The Truth-seeker is obliged
to be most attentive
to his desire for The Catholic Faith
and must settle for no less,
or he may finish up
in a worse spiritual situation
then before.

It is so easy for a catechist to say something that sounds OK and for the Truth-seeker to accept it!
For example, a common deception of the past has been that
I must forgive myself first of all.
This is plain nonsense when the truth is known which is that all is forgiven if God forgives us - whether we forgive ourselves or not. In fact, whether we forgive ourselves does not even come into the equation.
Forgiving ourselves is a psychiatric formula that might be helpful to some, but the spiritual formula looks for God's forgiveness.
meaningful and nice sounding suggestion is I must love myself first before I can love others.
Now, it is difficult not to love oneself and even Scripture intimates that we should, for it states that we must
love our neighbour as ourselves.
What is neglected in the deceptive phrase that
I must love myself first, is the Truth that we must love God first and foremost and love Him above ourselves and above all else. Then, and only then, in that divine Love, do we love our neighbour without neglecting sensible love of ourselves, for God's sake.
Another common deception of the past has been to impress upon the Truth-seeker that he should be supportive and co-operative to the Bishop of the Diocese. While this is correct, it is presumed that that Bishop is, in turn, supportive and co-operative with the Pope.
For Bishop or for Pope?
The deception comes in when support and co-operation with the Pope is completely ignored. In fact, the intimation is that obedience is to be directed to the Bishop and NOT to the Pope.
However, if a Bishop defies the Pope, then the real-Catholic must support the Pope.

The real-Catholic is not obliged
to obey anti-Catholic instructions
under any circumstances,
even when that instruction comes from a Bishop.

Once again I give the example of the disgraceful carrying-on in Church Parishes with regard to the illegal use of the Third Rite of Reconciliation, supported and/or condoned and/or ignored by so many Bishops!
The real-Catholics refused to participate and were active in their opposition. In fact they were instrumental in having the rot stopped.
So the Truth-seeker is well informed if he remembers the following:

Where the Pope is,
there is The Catholic Church.

Indeed, loyalty to the Pope
is another sure and positive
piece of evidence
that a person is on
a true Catholic course
towards Heaven.
Misuse and Abuse of The Third Rite of Reconciliation
Back in April last year, our Archbishop, with regard to this blatant misbehaviour, this sinfulness, wrote to a local Priest who had supported the disgraceful goings-on:
P Thank you for your letter and the Reconciliation Service.
I appreciate the difficulties you experience from some people who never really understood the vision of Vatican Two.
Note the word vision.
This was
after clear instructions from Rome were directed to Catholic Bishops in Australia to cease the unlawful practise of the general use of the Third Rite of Reconciliation. Reading between the lines both Priest and Bishop were a little upset by having to cease the unlawful practise!
Both however, in being obedient to the Pope's instruction, obviously did so with reluctance.
Was that the end of the matter?
The Archbishop, in his very recent summary of the results of consultations made in preparation for the 2003 Synod of the Archdiocese, in reply to those who sought anti-Catholic solutions, noted the following
P Such matters as the ordination of women, married clergy, return of priests who have left active ministry, the greater use of the Third Rite of Reconciliation, and a number of others, although understandable in a world where diversity is the rule, for the moment can only be noted, and if possible communicated to the authorities of the Church through appropriate channels. This tension between the universal and local Church will no doubt continue into the future, and for most of us will probably not be resolved in our lifetime. P
He states his overall opinion:- As spiritual leader I am very happy and delighted to note all that the consultation has produced.

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