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Musings 2002/165

One could not be castigated for thinking that the Archbishop still had sympathy for these anti-Catholic dreamings when he did not remonstrate with them for persisting in their defiance.
Archdiocesan Consultation
The Archbishop's summary, in general, was a surprise to me.
While it was no surprise that he did not discourage those who sought anti-Catholic solutions, I was most delighted that he approved and endorsed the
highest priority expectation from the consultations, i.e.
education in the faith.
Indeed, I was quite astonished that this turned out to be the highest priority! Very astonished.
And very, very pleased.
The local real-Catholics went to some trouble to urge
education in the faith as the greatest priority in the Archdiocese - by far - because of the abject ignorance of many Catholics of their Faith, especially the youth.
When we made this urgent appeal, we had in mind the education of children in 'Catholic' schools, as a priority, but, on top of that, education of adults in the basics of Catholicism, especially in sound Doctrine and in the Sacraments.
The Archbishop noted that
education in the Faith should be aligned with the vision and the theology of Vatican Two.
This also we promoted, bearing in mind that

Vatican Two re-proclaimed
the ancient Doctrines of Catholicism
with a new vigour and impulse
and set the future direction
of The Universal Church steadfastly
on Her unchanging course
but with new and vibrant impetus.

The Archbishop seemed to proffer a different interruption to this, however, in the following statements:-
P I was also convinced that, as the older vision waned, the Church would also need a new education in the faith based upon the theology of the Second Vatican Council, and driven by a spirituality of the Eucharist that linked liturgy and life as Christ did, particularly at the Last Supper. P
Here I get the impression that there are two 'visions' of The Church, one that is disappearing and one that is taking its place!
Of course, the vision of The Universal Church has never changed and will never change and that vision is salvation for mankind, based on the unchanging Truth of God as highlighted in the Gospels of Jesus Christ and in Catholic Dogma.
Vatican Two presented this unchanging vision yet again before the world, teaching a fuller comprehension of it even as the Council gave new methods of portraying the same Doctrines and Sacraments.
The Archbishop provided the 'local Church' with great hope, however, when he proclaimed:-

P Its (Vatican Two) basic vision
also needed to be complemented
with other significant Catholic truths,
such as the place of Mary in the Church and others,

if it was to be the comprehensive reality that we know, love and understand as the Church. P
Now that is an unusual statement, for it is well known that the
documents of the Second Vatican Council treated the place of Mary in The Church, with considerable detail and devotion.
However, if the Archbishop quickly proceeds to educate the Faithful in Catholicism with particular attention to the teaching of Vatican Two as detailed in the great, wonderful and historical documents, then we can expect great things from the Archdiocese of Brisbane. We can expect miracles.
The Tension in The Church between its Local and Universal Reality
Twice, in his summary, did the Archbishop mention this tension. He made it clear that the tension was made obvious by the desire of some people to dream beyond present limits towards ministries and practices that are not allowed by the universal Church.

Naturally any tension
between the 'local Church' and the Universal Church
means that the 'local Church'
has gone astray somewhere
and therefore needs to realign itself
with The Church governed by the Bishop of Rome.

To his great credit and foresight the Archbishop declared that matters that cause this tension, cannot be the Synod's major focus.
Indeed, if the unhealthy dreamings 'of some people' are brought up at the synod,

the attempt should attract a severe condemnation
for both their anti-Catholic proposals
and their continued defiance.

Will the Archbishop Instruction Become a Reality
I have already relayed my expectations of the 2003 Synod to the office of the Archbishop - set out below:
The Synod will take the stand that the shortage of Priests is a permanent state and decisions will, accordingly, follow that incorrect and sad assumption.
2. There will be
a call for married Priests.
3. There will be
a call for more lay led services and greater participation in all Liturgies by the laity, NOT EXCLUDING functions especially allocated to the sacerdotal Priesthood.
3. There will be
a disguised call for priestesses, and poorly disguised at that; and deliberately so.
The synod will NOT seek to bring in Priests from overseas where they are numerous.
The Synod will NOT look at Catholic ways and means for correcting the shortage of Priests. It will NOT look at the actual causes of the shortage of Priests. It will NOT look to Dioceses where the shortage of Priests is not a problem, with the idea of seeking help and advice and correction.
6. The synod will consider ecumenism but it will consider ecumenism in a false manner. That is to say, it will consider ecumenism to the exclusion of Truth or with little regard for Truth - i.e. Catholic Dogma.
7. It will make suggestions that Rome is not doing enough; the Vatican is falling behind and is far too conservative; that Vatican leaders are hindering ecumenical development.
In the same attitude, the synod will NOT consider the incredible divisions with The Catholic Church, locally, and in The Church as a whole, with the view to removing all internal divisions.
As the synod will NOT look to the all-important focus of obedience to The Universal Church in all aspects, whether liturgical, sacramental or organisational, the mending of local divisions . will be ignored.
These forecasts were faxed January, last.
No one hopes more then I, that each and every forecast is proven wrong, but as my hope lingers without the slightest confidence, I have printed them here, expecting no future embarrassment at all.
Pre Vatican, Post Vatican
How often do people speak and write as if The Catholic Church was another Church altogether, before Vatican Two?

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