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Musings 2002/165

Where does this idea come from?
Vatican Documents clearly, precisely and fully, confirm Catholic Dogma, just as expected, for Truth is unchanging.
Yes, The Church has called for new liturgies, but proclaimed with strength and clarity that the Sacraments remain precisely the same; only the method of presentation will change.
The vision of Vatican Two is the same vision that The Church has always had.
In short, the unchangeable course of Catholicism, the unchangeable Doctrine, the unchangeable Sacraments, remain ever the same.
It is quite beyond me to perceive any reality in the thinking of many that suddenly, since Vatican Two, a new Church has emerged from somewhere!
There is no reality in that thinking.
Yes, The Church is moving along Her course as set by Jesus Christ, and guided by Him. Yes The Church is opening up, more and more, insights into Truth.
Yes, The Church is becoming, more and more, the light for the world.
So, what is this 'new-church' this 'new vision'?

It is only in the minds of people who see in Vatican Two,
not the reality,
but what they want to see.

I think many 'Catholics' wanted Vatican Two to change The Church into a socialist association, focusing on people rather then God; focusing on social justice rather then the salvation of souls.
Of course The Church focuses on people and on social justice, and always has, primarily as a means for the salvation of souls and in obedience to The Commandment.
Rising From the Dead
On the other hand, if these people are saying that The Church has been ferociously and treacherously attacked without mercy by the modernist apostasy, and has even been brought to Her virtual deathbed, but has miraculously survived and has risen so to speak, from the dead, then I would have to agree.
In that case,

we have a resurrected Church;
the same Church that has been crucified
in imitation of The Saviour,
but a glorified Church
that is quickly and irresistibly becoming
the light for the nations.

We have The same Church as in centuries past, One that has taken the same course as The Saviour - crucified, died and buried, but now risen from the dead.


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