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Musings 2002/166

Value of Existence

How we value our individual existence and the existence of our neighbour can be gauged by humanity's adherence to God's first and greatest Commandment: "Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with thy whole heart and with thy whole soul, with thy whole mind and with all thy strength . and thy neighbour as thyself."  Matt. 22:37.
The value society places on the existence of persons within its membership, and therefore on its adherence to the
first and greatest Commandment, can be seen by the value it places on abortion and euthanasia, both of which stem from the artificial contraceptive mentality.
Modern society takes abortion for granted - that is, murder of the unborn - and reasons for abortion need not be urgent or desperate at all. The movement for euthanasia grows and organisations are being formed everywhere in the western culture for that purpose.
Artificial contraception is not only accepted generally, but it seems that society accepts this evil
as a necessity!
The outdated theory of over-population still circulates even though it is known that the entire population of the world will comfortably fit in Queensland!
The Person of Jesus Christ
The Person of Christ, to the contrary, clearly shows the enormous value that should be placed on the existence of a human being - any human being.
Because it is true that the Second
Person of the Blessed Trinity - Who took to Himself a human body and soul - we observe here that the person of each human being is a marvellous, wonderful thing.
This is so, because Jesus Christ is, in fact, a human being.
While He is God at the same time, we realise that the person of every human being has divine qualities, simply because the Person of Christ issues from God the Father.

That is to say, the person of each human being
also issues directly from God the Father.

It can be no other way, if Jesus Christ is Man and God; and The Universal Church states that He is.
20. The Mystery of the Incarnation means that God the Son, the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity, became man. (Penny Catechism)
21. God the Son became man by taking, through the power of the Holy Spirit, a body and soul like ours, in the womb of the Blessed Virgin Mary. (Penny Catechism)
Therefore, the
person - issuing from the Eternal-father - of each human being is also given a human body and soul.
In this way, while Jesus Christ shared in our humanity, we were provided with the capacity to share in His Divinity.
This capacity is the reason for the tremendous value of each human being in the sight of God.
That capacity, together with man's absolute freewill, makes every person of incalculable value; makes every person eligible to partake in Christ's Divinity; makes every person a child of God.
In view of this, the murderer who destroys the body thus removing the right of that person to fulfil the reason for his existence on earth - that is to gain eternal life through proper maturity of body and soul - can be considered very evil.
What then is the evil of the abortionist?
The murderer takes the life of another who has had some chance of realising his destiny before the Creator, but the abortionist destroys a person's body even before his life out of the womb begins!
The murder takes the life of another who could well have been able to defend himself, but the abortionist takes the life of an unborn human being who is quite unable to defend himself! Killing the most defenceless of all creatures.
We realise the truth of these, but still, no one is able to recognise the magnitude of the value of a human being's existence, not even as we ponder Christ's Crucifixion which He gave Himself up to, out of His appreciation of this same value.
We are also unable to realise the magnitude of Christ's Crucifixion.
Nevertheless, we catch a glimpse, in His Death, of the value of a person's existence. Because Christ died for each person.
The sheer loftiness of the value God places on a person's existence will become most accessible to each intellect, in the life here-after. The sheer loftiness of God's throne which He has prepared for each, will also become most accessible to the intellect of each.
In recognition of these things we are able to catch a small insight of the composite horrors of hell, where each person discovers fully, the astonishing value of his existence and the stupendous crown which he has thrown away!
Let us make man in our own likeness.
Christ asks in Matthew 6:26:

See how the birds of the air never sow or reap
or gather grain into barns
and yet your heavenly Father feeds them;
have you not an excellence beyond theirs?

That being the case, the excellence of a human being needs to be perceived by each of us. This is a difficult thing sometimes, but it becomes a great deal easier when we consider the person of each.
The innumerable people we see every day,
the long the short and the tall, the handsome, the ugly - the wealthy and the poor - seem to make the divine work given to us of loving our neighbour, a big job.
But to look at each and think
Here we have a real person who issues directly from The Eternal-father and that person has been given this body and its soul. He/she has to use that body and soul to gain Heaven.
When I try to think along these lines, it becomes easier to feel the common Love of The Holy Spirit working amongst other persons and me. It becomes easier to love each person, even when we may not like that person's body or soul that we only perceive - from a distance, all too often.
Hatred for The Universal Church
On checking out various 'Christian' web-sites, I have come across a couple who have a deep seated hatred for The Church!
This of course is a form of self-preservation because the leaders of such 'Christian' denominations know full-well that an open hearted and full investigation into The Catholic Church will ensure the demise of their denomination  - for they will flock to The Church, 'the pillar and foundation of the truth'.
I contacted one web site and an ex-Catholic replied. This person, knowing I was a Catholic, offered to send me a book called 'The Magnificat'.
I immediately suspected that he would send me a book of deception, but I put down that unkind thought, and instead adopted a charitable view:- that is, that he respects my Faith and perhaps the book is one left over from his 'Catholic' days.
Finally, after some months, the book turns up and it looks
so Catholic. 'The Magnificat', states the headlines, is 'The

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