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Musings 2002/166

Song of The Blessed Virgin'. It sounds Catholic.
The rear cover states 'The song of the Blessed Virgin is a sweet song - a song that brings us encouragement'.
So, as I normally do with books that need checking out, I looked at the final pages
first, and sure enough, I immediately found anti-Catholic stuff. After three minutes of random page selection, I knew that the book that looked so Catholic and read so Catholic (at first sight), was

another treacherous attempt
to deceive Catholics
and lead them away from The Truth
into the dark and deathly confines
of these self-proclaimed Christians
who use up more energy in hating The Universal Church
then in 'loving' Jesus.

What a disappointment. What a let down!
This is a sad story indeed. But, looking at the optimistic side of matters, I can say that I have found a web site on the internet which must be avoided at all costs.
What not to do can often be as important as what to do.
I thought about naming the website, but why advertise it? It is enough to know that the diabolical is working on the internet not only in pornographic, witchcraft and satanic sites but also in some that call themselves 'Christian'.
I come down heavy on these 'Christian' sites, because they prove themselves deficient by their obvious display of hatred and deceit.
One particular point that I discovered in my three-minute reading of this sad book was the fact that the author, or authors (he, she or they are not mentioned), had gone to a great deal of investigation. Not only do they quote Catholic documents, but they have gone back into history even to the earliest years of The Catholic Church's existence which of course began with Jesus Christ, Himself.
Now, as I have always maintained, if anyone honestly investigates the real history of The Church, he will find proof after proof after proof of every claim and teaching of The Church.
Nevertheless, the authors of this manuscript of deceit,
did look into the 2,000 years history of Catholicism; they did check out historical Church documents, current and past!!
And they came up with deception.
What does this say for the authors?
One has to presume that they have at least normal intelligence and that they are able to discern fact from fiction as well as, or better then, the next person (having been the author of a book of such remarkable deception).
Is it possible to check back 2,000 years from authentic Church documents - and I would presume they did, so as to produce reasonably accurate quotations - and be so blind as to fail to observe the Truth of Catholicism?
I do not think so.
Even if they began with the most complete bias, hatred and bigotry for and against The True Church, even then they must have realised, bit by bit, that what they were researching was proof after proof that Catholicism is The Church that Jesus Christ set up.
The diabolical was at work.
I am so convinced that such research would prove Catholicism as genuine and authentic, that I have felt that the following menu of events might explain things:
1. anti-Catholics began the impossible work of proving The Church was and is in error;
2. making notes as they delved into history of The Church, they began to realise their own errors and the authenticity of Catholicism;
3. they either became Catholic or wandered off in delusion, and were replaced;
4. this might have occurred repeatedly, until a considerable pile of anti-Catholic notes were fabricated or deceptively arranged with bigoted explanations - pro-Catholic notes disposed of;
5. someone, not being involved in the full research and not realising or not believing the impact for Truth that this research engendered, collated the fabricated pile of notes into a book.
The only alternative is that the author or authors held such hatred for The Universal Church that they, in spite of their realisation of the authenticity of The Church, sought back in history looking for anything that could be twisted with false meaning or bigoted comments. Not nice to contemplate.
Presto the book -
The Magnificat.
Reinterpret Scripture
It is an interesting thing about anti-Catholics, that they must continually re-interrupt Scripture and the early documents of the Fathers, to prove their stand of hatred.
Where Christ gives power to Peter and the Apostles, the anti-Catholics must give impossible meanings to those relevant scriptural words so that no authority and power is given to the Pope and his Bishops.
When the anti-Catholics consider the Last Supper and the initiation of The Blessed Eucharist, they must search around for other meanings in their rejection of the obvious one:- Christ's Real Presence in the Consecrated Bread and Wine..
When Christ initiated the Sacraments, again the anti-Catholics must scratch their collective heads and come up with alternate meanings.
This is the lot of anti-Catholics, to find alternative after alternative from the reality of Scriptural readings, to suit their hatred for The Church and Church Dogma.
And, at the same time mind you, they must continue to skite about how much they follow Scripture!
What an awful existence it is for them!
The Turners
Meanwhile, back at home, I would like to consider happier things - Jack and Carmel Turner who epitomise the meaning of gentleman and lady.
They are gracious and gentle people enlivened by The Love of The Holy Spirit and endowed with The Goodness of The Eternal-father.
It was in some shock then, that they found that the great revolt had entered into The Catholic Church who has always been a Mother to them.
They have overcome that shock and work in The Truth of Jesus Christ, showing with great effect the three characteristics of the real-Catholic: obedience to the Pope; devotion to the Blessed Mother; adoration of Jesus Christ in the Sacrament of Love.
The reader can easily understand therefore, how welcome were these two stalwarts of Catholicism when they joined the small group of real-Catholics found on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia.
How quickly they assumed leadership roles in several ways but especially by their good example and consistency, in spite of controversy, conflicts and marginalisation!
Modernism was no match for them, even as they seek relief and healing from the battle.
In selling their property and looking to re-settle, we are losing friends to the local cause. But the local cause is the cause for Truth, here and internationally, and so Jack and Carmel will be welcomed with great gratitude by real-Catholics wherever they go.
For the local battle is a mere speck of the dust-cloud of the world-wide conflict.
With gratitude to them and to God for them, we wish them every good fortune before God and before man, for

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