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Musings 2002/166

themselves and their family and their future.
God bless you Jack and Carmel.
Truth, Humility and The Blessed Virgin Mary.
What is real humility?
It seems clear to me

that real humility
is recognising, acknowledging and appreciating

If we accept The Truth of The Creator and the truth that we are mere creatures, fashioned by His Hand and moulded by His Love and Truth, then we assume humility unto ourselves.
How can a person be other then humble when he realises he is a creature; that almost everything he has, has been given him; that he really has nothing, virtually, that is his own. In realising that he exists only at the Will of God, he can only be a humble person.
Humility is the lot of the creature; it is the character of the creature; it is the virtue of the creature; it is the reality of the creature.
One has to wonder how it is possible for a creature of God to develop pride - pride, which is so unnatural, so unattractive in a creature and so offence to The Creator.
Humility is not bowing and scraping before God; whispering or shouting out words of humility and belittlement. No, humility is merely realising Truth.

Thus, on taking to Himself a Body and Soul,
Jesus Christ also assumed
the humility of a creature.
This He did faultlessly and perfectly,
for He is Truth personified.

Mary, likewise, assumed perfect humility as a requisite of her make up as a creature of God. For while the Archangel called Mary full of Grace, declaring her to be a perfect creature before God, nevertheless, Mary was a creature and all her perfections were given her by The Almighty.
Even as Mary realised the truth that she was
full of grace, she also realised her creature-hood when she said Behold the handmaid of the Lord.
To Elizabeth, Mary later marvelled how God had
regarded the lowliness of His handmaid.
Jesus, in His human humility, was accompanied throughout by His Blessed Mother and she was pleased to share His humiliations from Birth to Death.
In this way of thinking, it is a very simple thing to understand that Mary, because God gave her the greatest Gifts, was therefore the most humble of God's creatures.
God did give her wondrous Gifts, including Motherhood of The Saviour - it is a certainty then, that God also gave her the greatest share of the virtue of humility.
The Rosary, The Pope
The next issue of Hearts are will include the full text of the Pope's new document on The Holy Rosary.
For the moment I just want to recall my strong contention that John Paul II is the equal of any Pope in history.
What a man of history!
The old sage stated to me that he believes that our Pope is also the equal of the great masters of theology, St. Augustine and St. Thomas Aquinas! Look at the wonderful documents he has issued and it is hard to disagree with the old sage. Indeed, I am very happy to agree.
Not only will history see Pope John Paul II as the great person and Pontiff that he is, but the fact is that

the world needed such a Pope
- The Universal Church needed such a Pope.

With the flourishing of modernism in the twentieth century, the greatest scourge in history - the greatest heretical movement; the greatest apostasy - how urgently and desperately did The Church need such a leader!
'Urgency' and 'desperately' seem understated, so great was the external and internal fatal intent from this combination of all heresies and apostasies.
Our Pope has been like a mountain of strength - a pillar of Truth - as he had to put up with treachery within, even from some of his hierarchy. His teachings were often ignored by a huge number of 'Catholics', not excluding 'theologians'. At other times, his teachings were heatedly criticised and degraded, as was his very person and position.
Shot to death, virtually, he revived and re-entered the fray with greater spiritual energy then ever.
His motto is
Totus Tuus for he is a champion of The Woman of Scripture, Mary, but he could have chosen a dozen other banners e.g. Truth Prevails - Absolute Loyalty to Christ - The Church, The Light for The World.
Now, no doubt to the deep annoyance and frustration of his enemies, he has issued
Rosarium Virginis Mariae proclaiming the greatness of this prayer, this weapon against evil.
While his enemies will be bathed in anguish many of their own camp will breathe a huge sight of relief, for they have been pressured by their peers and brothers to follow the modernist debacle. What pleasure will it be for these latter where they will be obliged to do what they wanted to do anyway - re-enter the fullness of Catholicism.
The Pope has laid the foundation for this Apostolic Letter over decades. He has routed the modernist theologians in the 100 year debate. He has proved again and again, that Truth MUST be embraced; that Truth is unchangeable; that ecumenism is not possible without Truth!
He has proven himself as a world leader in social justice, as well as ecumenism. He is unequalled also in his efforts for peace and for conservation.
His enemies have been left speechless and empty handed, as he supports Vatican Two and its momentous teachings, proving the modernism 'spirit of Vatican Two' as a furphy.
With no one left who would dare come up against him, unless in sly back-room murmurings, he has issued a doomsday message to his enemies in his Apostolic Letter, which will clinch the final defeat over the already conquered modernism.
In mentioning the wonder of Pope John Paul II, we must also recall that

all of the Popes
of the twentieth century
have been great and steadfast
men for The Church.

What treasure and security have their pontificates ensured for The Universal Church. Each has stood immovable in Truth when the whole world seemed to want to go down the road of deceit.
In imitation of Jesus Christ, Himself, and by His Grace, they have been saviours of the world.


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