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Musings 2002/167

The Rosary and The Pope

On reading the enclosed Apostolic Letter on the Holy Rosary, it is easy to perceive the Pope's great love for this prayer, for The Virgin Mary - and hand in hand with Mary - his supreme adoration of Jesus Christ,

as he points the way
- and as he leads the way -
to The Kingdom;
to The Holy Trinity.

Answering anticipated objections as he proceeds, before they can be raised,

John Paul II clearly places
the hopes of the world for peace,
to an obviously large extent,
on the regeneration of the Holy Rosary
around the world!

Is that marvellous? or is it miraculous? It is certainly courageous. It is certainly a final nail in the modernist coffin.
Perhaps it is even more? Perhaps - dare I suggest it? - it is God's proclamation of Mary's victory for her adored Son, Jesus Christ:- the triumph of
The Woman over the red dragon!
While many of his peers in the hierarchy and in some theological circles, would tremble with embarrassment even fear, from perceived criticisms of such a Letter, the world leader of Christianity and recognised leader, in other spheres, of the whole world, issues his Letter with absolute confidence.
The Pope does not appeal for a great theologically worded prayer, to save the world, filling his Letter with profound pronouncements that only Doctors of Theology would comprehend. The Pope does not call for protests or committees or international conferences to save the world.

No, he calls for the simplest of prayers,
the Holy Rosary
and he complements his appeal
with simple explanations.

So simple that everyone is able to understand what the great Pope is saying, except perhaps the modernists who have agendas that definitely do NOT include the Holy Rosary.
The Holy Father's appeal, at the same time, proves that The Rosary, although so simple a prayer, is also one that enables the greatest spiritual contemplation; one that brings the prayer closest to Jesus Christ; one that brings The Gospel to all who participate in this prayer; one which encourages goodwill and peace everywhere; one that brings forth love of neighbour; one that unites families; one that complements and enhances the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and the Liturgy of the Hours - and more.
Here we have one of the great theologians of the millennium, John Paul II, asking the world to recite the simple prayer that has been a beacon of piety for century after century in The Universal Church.
He is not asking for this prayer because he thinks that the people of the world would not understand any new, profoundly theological prayer.

No, he is asking people everywhere for it,
because he knows
that there is no more powerful prayer
to be found, anywhere,
that so easily fits in
with family and community life;

because he knows
that the Holy Rosary has proven itself
for billions of people and even
for nations!
The Pope asks for this prayer in spite of the new technological advances in education and in spite of modernist reformers who would poo-poo the Holy Rosary as unfit for the modern, civilised man!
Our Super-pope flies in the face of so-called advanced thinking and culture of the civilised world of commodities, science and free moralities.
Man o man, do we have the greatest Pope of all time or just one that equals the greatest Pope of all time?
Where are his critics?
Where are those self-opinionated theologians who are more 'Catholic' then the Pope is; who know what's better for The Church then he does?
Are they going to re-try their old, failed strategy of simply ignoring the Pope, continuing to teach their modernist nonsense as they know and sense, in their questionable hearts, that their cause is dead and buried?
Or are they so stunned, astonished, that they are simply unable to grasp what has happened? Are they in secret conferences and debates seeking some answer that will undermine Peter who has 'the keys' to The Kingdom?
It is with some satisfaction that I say - it does not matter?
I can say, also with good reason - who cares?
The only way to think about such prominent
intellectuals is to remember to pray for them in the hope that Truth might enter into their deliberations and with Truth, sanity.
In any case, The Universal Church is proceeding along The Way of Jesus Christ, with or without them! She has no choice, even as She would not lose a single son or daughter of Hers from the fold.

Because She MUST cling to Truth.

Sin, Serious or Mortal
A recent article in a local Parish newsletter put forward the situation of a young 'Catholic' student who carried out certain works of charity around the area, but didn't attend Sunday Mass. The student 'felt she was marginalised' because she did not attend Sunday Mass.
The article concluded with the suggestion that the reader might decide whether the student was in error or not. The article was slanted to give the impression that the student was right and consequently, the teachings of The Church, wrong!!!
Well, there you go!
Modernist thinking if ever I saw it, in more ways then one.
The fact that the writer - who calls her column 'Common Ground' !? - seemed to sympathise with the student, is a sad fact, indeed.

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