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Musings 2002/167

In a way, the author of the article, unknowingly, confirmed what real-Catholics have been saying for decades and that is:-

that the 'Catholic' education system
has been failing to teach students

The poor student is trying to do what she thinks is the right thing and, basing her conscience on what she has been taught, obviously ignorant of what The Church requires of her (and therefore, what God requires of her).
Now, on top of the failed 'Catholic' education system which has led the student to this uninformed conscience, we have another 'Catholic', the author herself, who seeks sympathy for the poor student!
The blind leading the blind!
What a sad, sad, situation - and I could well add another 'sad' to that. Or should I say woe, woe, woe?
What are the parishioners supposed to think?
Are they supposed to consider the student as a poor soul which The Church has ignored or by-passed, and so the guilt lies with The Church?
The pathetic answer is: -
yes, they are supposed to think this!
The ordinary Catholic is asked to sympathise with such a student and to criticise The Church for Her harshness and inconsideration! -

when what has actually happened
is that the Catholic education system
has been pirated by modernists
and plundered of its Truth.

The student and the reporter, both, have been exploited and used and abused, because they have been brought up from childhood on a false-Catholicism.
It was the old sage who directed me to this Parish newsletter and its ugliness - I avoid reading it.
At first I thought the old sage was being over zealous, but of course, on second thoughts, I realised I should have known better - because a parallel situation was proposed in the Sunday homily by the Parish Priest!
The Priest put forward the teaching, in so many words, to the
faith community - once known as 'the congregation' or 'the Faithful' - suggesting a Catholic who commits a serious sin by failing to attend Sunday Mass because of laziness or some other weak reason, does not necessarily commit a mortal sin, that is to say, a sin which will propel him to hell.
Now, we must recall that Catholics of the upcoming generation in many regions, such as ours in Queensland, Australia, have been given a false interpretation of Catholicism - indeed, they have been
brainwashed with an anti-Catholic attitude and so an anti-Catholic conscience.
Therefore, I do not necessarily condemn the Parish Priest for what he says, when

he gives the impression that missing Mass
is a serious sin but not a mortal sin.

Even as he gives a new interpretation of what sin is - as yet not known by the Pope and his Bishops - that there are now three types of sin - venial, serious and mortal!!!
In this he supports the awful article on the disgracefully educated student, mentioned above and as detailed in his own Parish newsletter.
Instead of realising that the poor student had been badly educated in The Faith and had,
as a result, developed an uninformed conscience, and consequently drawing the attention of the congregation to this vast disablement in the Catholic education system, the Priest actually promotes the opposite!
So what is the lesson to be learned from the Parish newsletter and the
parallel homily?

There is no need to go to Sunday Mass. L

This situation can be broadened to gain a fuller overview, for it is a mere tip of the ice-berg.
While modernism is an awful, failed and dying attempt at total destruction of Catholicism, in our pathetic situation in the Archdiocese there still lingers the modernist excrement - unfortunately.
The Parallel Church
Consider, for example, one of our local 'Catholic' professors who explains, in a public manner, the local - and probably the international - educational status. Indeed, he clarifies for anyone who cares to listen, that many problems in Parishes can be explained by the fact that we have a sort of parallel church!
Anne Hodgkinson of the Archdiocese's
The Catholic Leader, quotes the professor thus :-
One is the institutional Catholic Church, the Vatican, the Magisterium, while
the other sees the Church more in terms of the People of God.
institutional Church, apparently, is more and more out of touch with reality, focusing too much on law, power and authority !!! 
Thus we perceive a linking of related matters:-
1. the poor 'Catholic' student who does not attend Sunday Mass but carries out some charitable activities;
2. the local Parish newsletter, in its 'Common Ground' column, suggesting sympathy for the student's situation;
3. the Parish Priest taking an unclear stand, pondering on the 'serious' but not 'mortal' sin with regard to Sunday Mass attendance;
4. the professor who undermines
the institutional Church in favour of the parallel Church.
It would seem that the old
Penny Catechism's teachings are unknown to these people:-
58. Why must we believe the teaching of The Church?

We must believe the teaching
of The Church
because The Church has authority
from Jesus Christ to teach.
For Christ said to His Apostles:
'All power is given to Me in heaven and on earth
Going therefore, teach ye all nations
and behold I am with you all days,
even to the consummation of the world'. (Matt. xxviii:18-20)

The Problem - 'Catholic' Education
I have stated, on more then one occasion herein, that one of the major problems directed upon The Universal Church is that

our education system has been hi-jacked
by the modernist apostasy.

The reader, therefore, will be most interested to realise that the above-mentioned professor lectures in Catholic education leadership, at ACU (Australian Catholic University)!
In stating his incredible theory about the
parallel Church, he was addressing the second national conference of the Association of Principals of Catholic Secondary Schools of Australia October, 2002.
Anne Hodgkinson reports that the professor

said thriving Catholic education systems

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