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Musings 2002/167

have, in general, taken the place of the parish.

Modernists and their sympathisers are always ready to confess their apostasy.
While the professor has forgotten the precise meaning of the word parallel, he is typical of those of the modernist persuasion wherein pride is such that they are ever ready to publicly detail the defiant stand of modernism!
Of course, the only way we are able to talk of a
parallel church is found by observing the modernist version of Catholicism (church 1) as riding piggy-back on The Universal Church (Church 2) like the bloated tick I mentioned in a previous article.
The bloated tick, while trying to poison and kill its host, has attached itself to the host's body. It can therefore be said  that it is travelling in the same direction - a
parallel direction!
Modernism, of course, is not Catholic - it is diabolical - and has no relation whatsoever with The Church except that it is Her mortal enemy.
However, here we have an intellectual who teaches future intellectuals that The Catholic Church has failed - is failing - and that a
parallel church is ready to usurp it's host's authority and activities.
Let me interpret that
modernism has taken control of some Catholic education systems, certainly the local one;
these 'Catholic' education systems are doing the job that Parishes once did;

The Catholic Church is disabled
and the parallel church is ready to take over.

This is a reasonable interpretation of what the student, the Parish newsletter, the Priest and the professor have suggested to us.
It is possible that the professor was merely relaying the facts as seen by him - not necessarily embracing them - where he confirmed the great harm and tragedy modernism has inflicted upon The Universal Church, specifically in the sphere of education.
Leader reporter, however, gave the impression that the professor sympathised with the parallel church.
So that I might confirm this impression - or otherwise - I have thrice asked the professor to e-mail a complete copy of his lecture. Although he has replied to the requests - suggesting that The Church needs to reconsider some of Her teachings - he has not sent me the requested copy.
I can only comment, then, on the
Leader's article.
The Facts Contradict The Ambitions of a Parallel Church
The parallel church is a corpse in a state of rapid decay.
The bloated tick has been removed - it remains only for the host to remove the residual poison.
Many now speak, not of modernism, but of post-modernism, because The Church is pruning
the vine, and the dead branches are being traced, removed and dealt with.
Everywhere, at every battle front, The Church has moved and continues to move, against the failed apostasy, including modernist institutions of education.
As Jesus Christ states:- you can tell the health of the vine by the fruit its produces - and

the fruit of modernist controlled 'Catholic' education
is so awful,
it is almost beyond belief.

The number of practising Catholics produced by this system is abysmal, in the single figure percentages. The vocations that emerge from their version of Catholic education is virtually zero!
Generally, if one of their students has a good funding of Catholic teaching to his credit, then it would certainly be a coincidence and obtained from the home or from some other source - not from the hi-jacked 'Catholic' education system.
Repetition Found in The Holy Rosary
The number of Hail Mary's said in The Holy Rosary is criticised by some, particularly if they are unaware of the fullness of this unique, historical and miraculous prayer.
Since the Pope's wonderful
Apostolic Letter on The Rosary, I have been considering this aspect - the repetition of prayers.
While of course repetition of the Hail Mary is a fine means to delve into the wonders of this prayer, other graces available to the devout Catholic (or other Christian), are many and varied.
Repetition is a sure means of not only remembering a thing but of seeking in-depth knowledge of it.
Look at the massive investigations of Popes and Fathers of The Church into The Lord's Prayer. Volume upon volume has been written and the meaning of each word, each phrase, has received untold study.
The Hail Mary, while not a prayer to be compared with the Our Father, remains a most significant prayer for Christendom and for the world. The Hail Mary is a prayer to be associated and complimentary to, The Lord's Prayer. To ponder and re-ponder on the prayer can only raise the intellect and the spirit upwards towards The Saviour, in the company of His blessed Mother.
The repetition of The Hail Mary is also a means of encouraging each person to involve himself in the Mystery being considered. It creates a rhythm in each person's soul and a communal rhythm of spirit, where a group prays together.
This rhythm seems to align the body, the soul with the person towards heavenly communications.
The body is kneeling, the fingers move over the beads, the lips produce the flowing words, while the mind ponders on the heavenly words. At the same time the very person becomes absorbed in the Mystery of each decade.
This rhythm of the whole being leads to Christian contemplation and encourages a most intimate communication between Creator and creature.
The chanting of praise after praise to The Mother of God and to The Christ Who issued from her, seeking her much needed assistance for
us sinners, especially at the hour of our death, reminds us of Luke 18 -

Fear of God I have none,
nor regard for man,
but this widow wearies me;
I will give her redress
or she will wear me down at last
with her visits.
Listen, the Lord said,
to the words of the unjust judge and tell me,
will not God give redress to his elect
when they are crying out to him,
day and night?

Repetition in Life
The sixty-five year old man will have gone through the motions of going to bed 21,900 times over his life and he hopes for many more to come.
The same man will have breathed 630,720,000 times. He will have had 65,700 meals and probably the same number of cups of tea or coffee, or more.
The marathon runner, in just one of his many races over, say 20 kilometres, will have made 20,000 strides.

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