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Musings 2002/167

Seldom will a man complain about the repetition of going to bed. On the contrary, he will be very pleased to hit the sack, especially in his latter years. He will express the same pleasure about putting his stomach around a good meal for most of his 65,700 meals.
If he's an Australian, he will not complain much about the 44,000 beers he has put away.
Some repetitions, it seems to me, are good - they are needed.
And if the real-Catholic says his Rosary daily and has reached retirement, he might be credited with 1,003,750 Hail Marys. Those who recite the full fifteen decades of The Holy Rosary daily, over the same period, will triple that figure.
It is said that Padre Pio, the Saint, used to recite 20 Rosaries per day. When asked how this was possible in his very full life, he said
When I say The Holy Rosary, time stands still.
So, the great man, the wonderful Priest of the twentieth century, who was the first Priest to ever receive the stigmata, would have completed some 20,075,000 Hail Marys, over his life - probably more!


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