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Musings 2002/168

The Sun

Padre Pio, the Priest, the stigmatist, the Saint, maintained that the world would be better off without the sun then without The Eucharist.
This is not difficult at all for the real-Catholic to understand, for Jesus Christ brings Himself, Personally, to the world in the Catholic Eucharist.
I suppose the Padre meant that salvation is not possible without Christ, specifically Christ in The Eucharist, for He is Emmanuel, God-with-us.
Without the sun the world would perish and humanity would perish, but, in spite of that, Heaven would still be open to each soul so long as The Eucharist was found on earth.
Even so, it is true that the sun remains absolutely essential to continued life on this planet, for it produces the very oxygen we breath, the light and warmth that stimulates and promotes life in every form.
The sun's gravity keeps the earth in its orbit.
Even today, science is discovering new solar energies, necessary to life and harmony on earth.
Ancient worshippers thought the sun their god and these worshippers still exist today.
Even Catholicism, the religion of Truth, considers the sun to have so great and so many magnificent qualities that it is likened to Christ, Himself.
Christ is the Light of the world, and we can say that the sun is the light of the world. Christ brings Life - so does the sun. Christ is the Anchor - so is the sun. Etc.

The Moon

Perhaps the earth might survive without the moon - perhaps not? Life as we know it, demands the continued existence of the moon, which is indispensable to the earth's seasons and orbital balance.
The light of the moon is the reflection of the sun, but in this reflection, moonlight has its own identity and beauty and purpose.
If the sun reflects the divinity of Jesus Christ, then we can accept it that the moon reflects the immaculateness of Mary, His Mother.
Mary is Christ's perfect disciple and therefore, reflects His virtues most perfectly, just as the moon reflects sunlight with such heavenly beauty.

... and let the day, lightened by the sun,
utter unto day the word of wisdom;
and let night, shining by the moon,
announce unto night the word of knowledge.

So says St. Augustine, Book 13, Of the Goodness of God.
And the Holy Father (
Set Out Anew from Christ!), too, makes a spiritual connection between the sun and the moon:

The theology of the Fathers
loved to speak of the Church as mysterium lunae,
in order to emphasise that, like the moon,
she shines not with her own light,
but reflects Christ, who is her Sun.

The Woman Clothed With The Sun
The Pope here compares the moon with The Church. This reminds us that Rev. 12 - the woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet - refers both to The Church and to Mary.
St. Lawrence of Brindisi, declared a Doctor of The Church by that wonderful Pope John 23, tells us more about the sun and the moon, and about Jesus Christ and His beloved Mother:
P "Clothed with the sun": Saint Lawrence attaches a loving meaning to this spectacle. Mary was seen clothed with the sun that we may know that she is like the sun which, although one, illumines and warms each man as if it had been created by God for him alone, for there is no one that can hide himself from his heat. 29

So the Virgin Mother of God
is both the mother of all men
and the mother of each individual man.

To all she is a common mother; to each his own personal mother. As the one sun can be seen in its entirety by each and every man (for every man at the same time sees a complete outline of the sun),

so every one of the faithful,
who from his heart devotes himself
entirely to the Virgin,
may enjoy her complete love
as if he were her only son.

For this reason Christ spoke to Mary in the singular when He said: Woman, behold thy son. 30  Mary as the Mother of Christ participates in His glory, hence she is clothed with the sun. Mary also possessed Christ most perfectly as her only and beloved Son.

How was it possible for the Virgin
not to shine with sun-like splendour
when she carried Christ,
the Sun of infinite light,
in her virginal womb?

If God enclosed the sun in an immense crystal vase, would not that vase seem to be clothed with the very sun? In this way the sun clothes and adorns with its brilliant rays the pure substance of heaven, which it surrounds and engulfs. Just as the sun, glowing within the crystal on every side with its light,

so the heavenly Virgin
is clothed with Christ,
the Sun of justice and glory.

This divine vision signifies that, as bride and mother, the most holy Virgin shares in the glory of Christ and God to a high degree, so that

no greater sharing or participation
can be thought of. 31 P

It is most interesting, therefore, that Scripture states the following, in speaking of the New Jerusalem that it

'has no need of the sun or moon to shine upon it,
for the glory of God

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