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Musings 2002/168

is its light
and its lamp
is the Lamb ' ( Rev 21:23).

It is interesting because this quotation speaks of the new Jerusalem as having no need of the sun or moon!
Because the sun is so dominant and so supremely important in this planetary system and the moon, still essential but of much lesser magnitude, how is it that Scripture includes
both sun and moon where both are replaced by the glory of God and The Lamb?
If we consider this from another angle,

we perceive that 'the glory of God'
and 'the Lamb',
replaces not only the sun,
but the sun AND the moon.

If the sun signifies Jesus Christ and the moon signifies His Virgin Mother, then we are obliged to fully realise that the Work of Jesus Christ is inseparable from the work of Mary.
For, even though The Work is made possible only by the Incarnation of The Son of God, we are left with no other alternative then that His blessed Mother is also absolutely essential to His Work.

Just as the sun is reflected in the moon,
so is Christ and His Work
reflected in Mary,
His Mother.

We further perceive Jesus Christ in Scripture as The Son of Man, at the same time acknowledging Mary as The Woman of Scripture.
It becomes obvious to all real-Catholics around the world that The Church's Doctrine of Christ as the New Adam and Mary as the New Eve is The Truth - of course.
The Eras of The Father, Son and Spirit
The Holy Father has repeatedly requested study of Vatican Two documents, realising that the future of the world and The Church is based on the Spirit of this great Council.
What better advise from what better Pope about what better Council?!
So again, I took up the document
Lumen Gentium, Dogmatic Constitution on The Church, and the marvel of its teachings were immediately apparent.

How privileged we real-Catholics are
to be present in this era
of Vatican Two
where The Church
is most clearly moved
by The Spirit of Love.

The comment on paragraphs 2-4 of this divinely conceived document states:
P Art. 2-4 show how The Church in its successive phases can be attributed to each of the divine Persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The preparation of The Church in the Old Testament is particularly attributed to God The Father, who began to put into effect His plan for the redemption of mankind immediately after the fall of our first parents. P The Documents of Vatican II, editors Abbott and Gallagher.
The Eternal-father creates the whole world.

P  His plan was to dignify men
with a participation
in His own divine life.

The Eternal-father ceaselessly offered them helps to salvation, in anticipation of Christ the Redeemer.
Already from the beginning of the world the foreshadowing of the Church took place. She was prepared for in a remarkable way throughout the history of the people of Israel and by means of the Old Covenant.
The document proceeds to summarise the Work of The Son:

P Christ inaugurated
the kingdom of heaven
on earth
and revealed to us
the mystery of the Father.

By His obedience He brought about redemption. P
The Council then proceeds to teach on The Holy Spirit: P  4. When the work which the Father had given the Son to do on earth (cf Jn. 17:4) was accomplished, the Holy Spirit was sent on the day of Pentecost ..

He is the Spirit of life,
a fountain of water
springing up to life eternal (cf. Jn. 4:14; 7:38-39).

Thus the Church shines forth as
'a people made one
with the father, the Son
and the Holy Spirit'.
In these inspired words, Vatican Two clearly intimates that redemption involves three works of the Three Persons of The Godhead - fairly common-sensical, I reckon. Vatican Two also states that each Person works through the other Two, e.g.:

thus all believers would have access to the father
through Christ
in the one Spirit (cf Eph. 2:18).

Further, the Council intimates that there are three eras involved with the three Persons, even as Each works through the other Two. It states that The Father prepared the world for Christ and then, Christ took up His Work. When the work given to the Son was accomplished, the Holy Spirit was sent ..
We see these Works in The Church, according to Vatican Two, where The Eternal-father carried out preparations, where The Son became the corner-stone and finally, The Church becomes the Holy City, the New Jerusalem - presumably, completed by The Spirit.
The New Jerusalem remains to be completed, for the Council noted that
As living stones we here on earth are being built up along with this City (I Peter 2:5).
If we have three Eras of the Three Persons of The Godhead, and if we have three Works of the Three Persons, then we are able to consider
the results of these Eras and these Works.
The Work of The Father comes first, says Vatican Two, in preparation for Christ. Therefore we look at His Divine-work which must be reflected in His Chosen People, the Hebrews.

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