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Musings 2002/168

The Era of The Eucharist
Roch Kereszty suggests that, just as The Holy Spirit works in the Consecration of bread and wine into Our Lord's Body and Blood, so also will He bring forth the new heaven and the new earth.
Could this not in fact, have a greater meaning in that

The Holy Spirit's action
in The Eucharist,
becomes obvious to all
and that the Real Presence
is recognised by all peoples,

This recognition would be the catalyst in creating the new earth and the new heaven, which is believed by many to be the Era of The Eucharist.
If this be so, then the
creative act of The Holy Spirit would NOT be upon The Blessed Eucharist, for this Sacrament is already complete within Itself.

No, the creative act
would be upon mankind,
opening up the mind of man;
allowing him to see and perceive
what is now beyond him;
making available to all,
the full capacities of man,
spiritually and physically
- as was possessed by Adam and Eve.

Where man fully possesses his every God-given faculty, able to be used totally, he would certainly perceive a new heaven and a new earth. His intellect would open new horizons of scientific knowledge and of spiritual Truth, before him.
Nothing would ever be the same again. New meaning and new beauty and new astonishment at every part, the minute and the mighty, of God's creation, would be man's daily living.
The Truth of Catholicism would be the most astonishing of man's new delights, particularly that of The Eucharist, but also that of The Mother and Woman of Scripture.


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