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Musings 2002/169

The Holy Spirit's Eucharistic Era

It has long since seemed to me that mankind will be delivered from the darkness and manipulation of the devil, one day, when man will return to the original state of Adam and Eve, that is, the state of being man, perfectly.
There would be one great difference, I would think. With Adam and Eve the horror and death brought about by sin was before them, in time.
In our case, it will be behind us.
And, because of the Redemption of Jesus Christ and His Doctrines; and because of the vast experiences of men and women for thousands of years in our offensive state of sinfulness, the possibilities that lay before the New Adam and the New Eve will be even greater then that of our first parents.
Because we have known sin and its consequences, man will come forth as one having been tried and tested. In spite of knowing sin and its allurements, man will have surfaced into the new devil-less era, like refined gold - refined in The Church of Jesus Christ, The Catholic Church lead by the Bishop of Rome.
Without the devil's darkness and manipulation, man will once again have access to his full intellect; to his full physical powers; to his full spiritual powers.
With these re-found powers, he will view the universe with a new knowledge and insight and with far greater intimacy and perception - indeed, with perfection.
And so, he will perceive a
new earth and a new heaven.
Perception of Christ's Real Presence.
The Real Presence of Jesus Christ in the Catholic Eucharist is as stated:

The Presence is real;
it is actual;
it is full;
it is complete.

The fact that our senses do not perceive His Real Presence is not that He is not present, but it is because we are so badly limited in our capacities, groping around in the darkness of sin.
Therefore, in the Eucharistic Era, when we will perceive the Real Presence of Christ in The Eucharist,

this perception will result
from our own improved capacity;
NOT from any greater Presence of Christ.

Christ's Presence is already perfect.
Presuming it is a fact that we will perceive The Eucharistic Christ, in The Spirit's Era, this fact leads to the further confirmation that the devil will no longer have any effect on mankind.
That is to say, because we are able to perceive The Eucharistic Christ, then we can accept that the devil has been despatched to his place.
From the reverse consideration: because the devil has departed to his everlasting agonies, then mankind is enabled to perceive The Real Presence.
Our Perception Will be Perfected
In this re-found intellectual and spiritual capacity, not only will everyone perceive The Real Presence, but everyone will perceive the Truth of Catholicism. It is in this way, that The Church will become, completely, the light for the entire planet; will be known indeed as The Mystical Body of Jesus Christ and as The Kingdom of God on earth.
Thus creation, in recognising The Church, will pay due homage to Jesus Christ, Second Person of The Holy Trinity.
However, this perfected perception will include recognition of The Woman of Scripture, The Mother, The Immaculate Conception and this recognition, in turn, will give due homage to The Eternal-father, First Person of The Holy Trinity - for Mary is His perfect reflection in all creation.
Our Present Limited Capacity
It is something to look forward to, this re-found human perfection, but in the meantime, as this process takes place, it is wonderful to ponder on our limitations.
For example, if we perceived Mary in her absolute glory given her by God, for the sake of Christ, and through Him for our sake, then we would keep some distance from her. Our own imperfections and ugliness of soul would force upon us a tremendous reluctance to come before her in her magnificent stature and beauty.
Now, in our ignorance and blindness, we come before The Queen and even draw close to her majesty. We almost take her for granted, so casually do we treat her, as would a loved son to a loved mother.
And, by the grace of God, we do not offend Him; nor do we offend His Mother.
Indeed, it seems to me, that one of the great delights of Christ must be our incapacity to see either His Glory of that of His Mother, so that we take advantages of Them; so that we take liberties with Them.
These liberties would be astonishing - we would recoil in total incredulity - if we could clearly consider our state of being and the State of Being of Christ, or that of His Mother, and how we take these liberties with Them.
And these liberties we take also with the Angels in their incomprehensible glories. We take these liberties also with the Saints!
It makes me wonder then, why we do not take more and more advantages of our limitations and come before The Real Presence of Christ at every opportunity.
We know these things and even as we know them, we still fail to act on the knowledge we have.
Otherwise, we would never leave the
Tabernacle space in our churches. We would never cease saying the Holy Rosary. We would never stop reaching out for each and every Angel and Saint.
Consecration to The Immaculate Heart
The best we can do, each morning, is to consecrate ourselves to the very person of Mary, to her Immaculate Heart, so that what we are unable to do (or what we fail to do) during the day, we might nevertheless fulfil in spirit at least.
When we consecrate ourselves to The Immaculate Heart we are aiming to align our whole beings with The Eternal-father, The Source and The Goodness. With Mary we are able to place ourselves, with her, in the most intimate relationship with her adored Son, Jesus Christ.
With Mary, the Spouse of The Holy Spirit, we are enabled to receive the most special spiritual Gifts from Him.
In this manner, we are enabled to place ourselves in the Presence of The Father, through The Son, by The Spirit, in the presence of The Woman.
In this manner, our whole beings are directing themselves permanently, towards God; our spiritual eyes are forever on Him; our spiritual arms are embracing Him; we are actually sharing the Divinity of Jesus Christ.
Who would know better about this then Mary, His Mother?

Who could better assist us
in our relationship with God and His Christ,

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