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Musings 2002/169

then Mary
- the sole representative of all mankind -
in the paramount decision
between man and his Creator,
as to the conception, the birth and the upbringing
of creation's only Saviour?

Most assuredly, we, the children of Mary, can entrust ourselves to her guidance on our spiritual journey to and for her Son, The Son of God.
The Pope and The Church
On beholding our super-Pope John Paul II at his Christmas Mass, his frailty was all too apparent. In his suffering and inability his face was distorted - he was not a pretty sight at all.
While real-Catholics see the glory and power of this most important man on earth, ignoring his infirmities and unattractiveness, we do so because of the wonderful from God - the gift of Truth.
The Truth of the Pope's infallibility and the truths about his historical teachings and leadership in a century riddled with the worst of all heresies and the combination of all apostasies - modernism; in a century plagued by the double curse of communism and nazism.
It occurred to me, as I watched with wonder at the pitiful actions of our super-Pope's crippled body, that he replicates The Holy Catholic Church in Her physical body on earth.
The ugliness of homosexuality in our sacerdotal Priesthood which, though few in number, receive the greatest publicity, everywhere. The destruction of modernism upon our church buildings and upon the faithful. The control exercised by modernism on Catholic education and upon our seminaries, bringing forth students ignorant of their Faith and poorly equipped, ignorant and untrained Priests.
Over the twentieth century, The Church has undergone all these tragedies and more appearing ugly and on the verge of death.
The Church, in a fashion, was crucified, and Her awful wounds were made to look worse by the dirt and spittle She received from her enemies - and also from Her friends.
Just as occurred to Jesus Christ.
However, to real-Catholics Her ugliness and filthy wounds could not hide Her beauty and her glory - could not hide the fact that She is The Mystical Body of Jesus Christ.

To the real-Catholic
The Church never
lost Her inner perfection;
never lost Her divine magnificence.
This faith was secured
by Mary,
The Immaculate Conception,
who ensured that her children
were never separated from Truth.

By The Infinite Merits of Christ, Mary embraced every one of her children - those who consecrated themselves to her Immaculate Heart - the children of The Rosary.
While the world and modernism preached their form of 'love', based their standards on social justice and  expounded a new policy of
tolerance which extended to every permissive activity, (which tolerance did NOT extend to the children of Mary),

The Mother held her children
on the path of Truth.

It is this Truth that shines forth in The Universal Church, even in Her ugliness, just as it does in our super-Pope.
Because it is The
Truth that will set you free.
While many a
great leader of ecumenism is prepared to forsake the very Truth of Christ in their treacherous efforts, the Pope and The Church demand that

ecumenism is NOT POSSIBLE
at the expense of Truth.

Herein lies the power and the beauty of The Church and the Pope, for they live in Truth.
For The Church is the Mother of Truth and
where the Pope is, there is The Church.
The exquisite good fortune of the children of Mary, then, lies in their unfailing stand in Truth and for Truth.
In standing for Truth they are all the more fortunate in being given even more grace from God, for from Truth comes Love - real divine Love, not the modernist 'love' that is merely a pretence for permissiveness under the falsely-named
Thus, the Pope, over and above his physical degradation, shines in the wonderful light of Truth and of Love, in faithful replication of his Universal Church on earth.
It is beyond me to calculate the greatness of the super-Pope and I wonder about the historians of the future who will look back on the twentieth century and on the super-Pope - certainly, they will look back in pure astonishment. They will not, even for a split micro-second, think of the Pope's crippled appearance. I have to think they will perceive in great awe his stature - as the man of the millennium - who moved the world and who shaped an entire civilisation, bringing mankind back to The Saviour.
It seems to me that they will drop to their knees, spontaneously, giving praise to God who worked such miracles through one man.
They will consider men and women of this age to be especially blessed to exist in the same period as John Paul; to have been able to see him and hear him and read his written word!
All this, because he is a Pope of Truth in an age of untruth and deceit.
But that is no surprise, for each and every Pope is a Pope of Truth. It is just that John Paul II happened to be the Pope that came up against the ultimate apostasy of untruth - modernism.
Nevertheless the super-Pope remains a little child of The Mother who never fails him for just as he is
Totus Tuus with regard to Mary, so is Mary Totus Tuus with regard to him.
Therefore the greatness of the super-Pope reflects the heavenly Mother and their partnership for Christ's triumph is the same story for each and every real-Catholic who looks also to The Mother.
Was There Another Christ Somewhere?
I thought of the modernists' attitude of thinking that real-Catholics are just like the Pharisees, because real-Catholics stand strictly by the laws of The Church.
In the days of Jesus Christ, the Pharisees were unable to recognise The Messiah; they refused to budge from the many laws and statutes made by their own kind. Even when the long-awaited Christ came amongst them, they refused to budge from their human ways and follow their very own Christ!
In the modernists view that the real-Catholic was a replica of the Pharisee, one awful mistake built upon another. They had forgotten that the laws of The Church are the laws of Jesus Christ, Himself. They had forgotten that obedience is the greatest of virtues, particularly obedience to the Vicar of Christ and to the true spirit and to the teachings of Vatican Two.
In the case of the Pharisees 2,000 years ago, the One who came to fulfil the Law and the Old Testament was the very

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