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Musings 2002/170

'The Woman Clothed With The Sun'

This quotation from the Apocalypse chapter 12, refers both to The Universal Church and to Mary, Jesus' Mother.
So teaches The Church.
Our super-Pope has mentioned again and again that 'the woman' refers to Mary.
It is not difficult at all, to perceive that this is all too true, although I have read one person's claim that 'the woman' refers to Israel. This I would not find difficult to believe, either, for Scriptural words are not limited in their scope of Truth.
It could, for example, refer also to Israel in that The Church is the
New Israel.
However, The Church definitely accepts that 'the woman' refers both to Mary and to Herself.
Mary's Motherhood
This is absolutely wonderful, especially in this period of time when one spiritual era merges into another.
The fact that 'the woman' of Apocalypse 12 is Mary, produces other facts of great and exquisite proportions. For example, this scriptural chapter demonstrates that Mary,
the woman, is also Mother of God's children, because in 12:17 we read that her children are the men who keep God's commandments and hold fast to the truth concerning Jesus.
This is quite clear. It is obvious. Mary is the mother of the men who keep God's commandments.
The Church's doctrine that, when Christ said
This is your mother from The Cross, He meant to give His Own Mother to be Mother of all who followed Him, is here seconded and given faithful witness.
Mary's Immaculate Conception
The glory laid upon The Woman is quite astonishing. Clothed with the sun, the moon under her feet, a crown of twelve stars about her head!
A great portent in heaven!
Scripture has not described anyone like this before. One gets the impression that The Woman reflected the very glory, beauty and power of God.
One might even think - for a second - that this magnificence excelled that of Mary's Immaculate Conception.
On further thought, however,

one would more favourably consider
that this magnificence would actually
her Immaculate Conception.

And again, Apocalypse 12 would be providing some confirmation of another Church dogma - that of The Immaculate Conception.
Queenship of Mary
The crown of twelve stars highlights yet another Church doctrine - that of Mary as Queen of Heaven - for certainly the woman has the stature, regality, pomp and centrality of a queen of astounding prominence before God and before man.
Mary's Importance to the Salvation of Mankind
The chapter also gives prominence to the red dragon, also known as the devil, or satan, serpent of the primal age, the whole world's seducer, 12:9.
It is very informative that
the red dragon first of all, seeks to destroy the child of her womb - the son who is to herd the nations, but her child was caught up to God, right up to his throne! Apoc. 12:5.
child of her womb - taking the woman to be Mary - then refers to Christ Himself.
And of course
the red dragon would first of all attempt to destroy the child.
Failing in this attempt
the red dragon then went in pursuit of the woman, the boy's mother. 12:13.
In this statement, we realise that the prime enemy of the
dragon, after Christ Himself, is Mary! Further proof of The Church's teaching of Mary's importance in God's salvific plan. It is proof indeed, of Mary's title of Co-redemptrix, given her by The Universal Church.
In fact, Apocalypse 12 suggests that
the dragon made a mammoth effort to destroy Mary, even to sending a flood of water out of his mouth, to carry her away on the tide! 12:15.
The impression given is that this
flood is so great as to spread across the planet, for it will have taken a tremendous rescue action by the earth to save her - The earth gaped wide and swallowed up this flood. 12:16.
We observe that, only when
the dragon failed in his attempt to destroy the woman, did he made war on the rest of her children! 12:17.
So the dragon sought to destroy Christ, then Mary and finally, Mary's children.
Fatima and The Woman
Mary's apparition at Fatima, Portugal, recalls to all the world the woman of Scripture, for at her final apparition tens upon tens of thousands witnessed the incredible miracle of the sun which seemed to fall upon the earth splashing about every colour of the rainbow; this, during an overcast sky.
Obvious to all is the connection - Mary and the sun -
The woman clothed with the sun.
At Fatima mention was made of God's people in that Mary requested every man, woman and child be consecrated to her Immaculate Heart, for the glory of God and the triumph of Jesus Christ.
Here, we observe that
the woman has requested her children to consecrate themselves to her Heart.
The Woman - The Church and Mary
It is surely a grand and exciting thing that the woman indicates not only Mary but also The Church.

It places, therefore,
an equal emphasis
on the astonishing importance of The Church
to mankind but also
the great necessity of Mary
to the children who hold fast
to the truth
concerning Jesus.

PIn the restoration and promotion of the sacred liturgy, this full and active participation by all the people is

the aim to be considered before all else;

for it is the primary and indispensable source
from which the faithful
are to derive the true Christian spirit.

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