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Musings 2002/170

This prophetic statement extrapolates that brilliant insight when it continues:-

Also, very often,
an imbalance arises ...
between the condition
of collective existence
and the requisites
of personal thought
and even of contemplation.

This latter imbalance can be seen in many assembly spaces where personal piety is frowned upon in favour of actions together by a faith community.
This prophecy of Vatican Two concludes with the further understanding of man's conscience in the modern world:-

in any human activity
can at length
deprive a man
of a comprehensive view of reality.

If we consider the modernist who specialises in social justice we easily see the truth of that statement. We observe that such a person begins to see social justice as the be-all and end-all of Catholicism. In addition he develops a socialist mind-set - if he hasn't already got one -  and this left-wing political persuasion clouds his view of reality. He is then easily drawn along condemned avenues such as that of liberation theology.
Modernism and The People of God
Another fake Vatican Two spirit that was falsely forced upon innumerable unsuspecting Catholics of the past century, was that the majority of the People of God were infallible in everything they did.
Working on this presumption the modernist encouraged Catholics to ignore Church instruction and, by way of out-voting the Magisterium, change Catholicism into their Liberation-theology Church.
The modernist apostasy probably used the following Vatican Two statement as proof of its
11. The People of God believes that it is lead by the Spirit of the Lord, who fills the earth. (Gaudium et Spes)
One could think from this that the poor old modernist just might have a point.

I suppose this 20th. century apostasy
is like all others
in that Truth is latched onto
and discreetly distorted
until it comes out
as the very opposite.

If we look back in history we find that the People of God, on many occasions, included in their Faith certain teachings that had not been formally approved by The Church.
In fact, this still applies to many facets of Catholic Faith, simply because the Magisterium does not proclaim dogmas of Faith for the sake of proclaiming dogmas. Such proclamations are made only as required.
The People of God, for example, have always accepted the truth of The Immaculate Conception although it was only made a Catholic article of faith in the 1800s.
In such instances the People of God not only accepted these truths but
so also did the hierarchy. Indeed, the People of God were encouraged by the hierarchy to accept such truths.
That is a completely different situation to last century's apostasy which rebelled against the hierarchy (except in some instances were the Pastors were part of the apostasy). It encouraged the People of God to rebel, proposing that this rebellion will have to be accepted by the Magisterium because of the sheer numbers involved!
What a travesty of deception! Proposing disobedience as a means of proclaiming dogma! Encouraging rebellion to obtain their own anti-Catholic agenda! And doing so, more often then not, as if it had Church approval!
Common Sense and Catholicism
There is an old book that spoke of Catholic teaching and went to some extent to highlight the pure, sheer common sense of it all.
I have always felt this to be so.
Surely Truth must appeal to one's sense of correctness. Surely Truth must find a welcome response in our inmost being. Surely a person must feel at home with the Truth that God gives to the whole world, particularly to the children of Mary, the Mother.
The very basis of Catholicism - that Good is good - is challenged by many, but really, this is so patently obvious to anyone with some intelligence.
God, being all powerful, all loving, all knowing, totally self sufficient, does not need to bring forth creation; does not need to bring forth creatures. But if He did, He would plainly do so with wisdom and love and goodness.
Plainly, God would create something and 'see that it was good'. Is it remotely possible that He would create something and find that it was evil?
If God created something evil, that would make Him evil, something impossible to an absolutely self-fulfilled Entity. To create an evil thing would mean that He is betraying Himself, that He is, in fact, not God, because God MUST create all things perfectly - i.e. 'good'.
God saw that He
could bring forth creation and human beings and, because it was there to be done, He did it.
Once it is established that God is Good, and that
is common sense, then everything else falls into its proper place.
Another proof of God's Goodness is the fact that evil is a malfunction of a reasoning being. It is perfectly clear that evil causes damage, hurt and all sorts of disasters, even death and despair. Because evil is a malfunction then we easily observe that evil could not come from God Who is incapable of creating something that did not work perfectly.
God does not create malfunction.
So, we observe another Catholic Truth, that evil came upon existence other then from God. And other things of common sense issue from this fact.
The next most important matter of common sense, is that God brought forth humankind for only one reason:- to share His very Own Godhead.
God does all things to the absolute perfection and to the absolute limit. Is He is to create man then the purpose for which He would create him would be the very highest one.

God is not going to raise his creature
to something less
then what God is capable of doing.

No, He creates man to raise him to the highest capability of being and there is no higher capability then God Himself.
This seems simple, although the drama behind this Catholic teaching is gigantic and mind-boggling.
Even if we can not understand the ways and means of all that God does, we perceive that certain things must be so.
How fortunate we are to belong to our Holy Mother Church, who brings all available Truth to our attention and guides us in accordance with the very Will of God.
The Church
Nowhere in all creation, is it possible to find a greater institution then The Catholic Church. She is the Mystical Body of Christ vibrating in and around the world, opening her arms to each individual with the very Arms of The Eternal-father;

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