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Musings 2002/171

The Spiritual Power of the Evil-one
We think of power and compare it with perhaps an atomic explosion or the natural physical forces of nature such as gravity which holds the earth in the sun's orbit.
It is difficult to comprehend, however, the power of the spiritual world.
Yet, when the devil deceived Eve - and Adam gave his consent - this spiritual action of the devil and our first parents brought about the closure of Heaven to mankind.
We can not even glimpse the incredible extent of the spiritual power that took place here. What force of evil could have shut the gates of Heaven?
The gates of Heaven were shut with such permanence and kept shut with such awesome force that they could only be opened by The Second Person of The Holy Trinity, Himself.
And even for Him to do this, He must assume a human nature and allow the greatest suffering to be laid upon His Body and Soul.
To get another glimpse of the great force of spiritual evil, we need only look around the world and see the results. Whole populations are murdered in their mothers' womb - suicide is rampant, even in our youth - whole nations are subjected to terrorism and brutality.
Treachery everywhere, causes misery to every living person.
These human tragedies issue forth from the power of the evil-one. Indeed, all tragedies of the human race can be traced back to the incredible power of spiritual evil.
It is clear, also, on top of all this, that the physical forces of creation have been made subject to the spiritual powers of evil.
Mankind, itself, has been subjected to evil spiritual powers.
The Spiritual Power of Christ
Christ's Coming upon earth defeated the spiritual power of the evil one.
We observe then, that Christ's power of spiritual Good is greater then that of spiritual evil - far greater.
It is hard to grasp this truth, because we see, everywhere, devastations in people, in nations and in families that still issue from the power of supernatural evil.
It is difficult to find the greater power of The Good-one in the world.
The Universal Church knows this Truth as She teaches that the evil-one has already been defeated by The Cross of Christ, although this defeat normally remains beyond our physical senses - we know it through faith.
Yet, there are innumerable proofs that Jesus Christ is the Victor and that Good has overcome evil.
Christ's Resurrection is proof.
The Universal Church in Her unchanging Doctrine and in Her Gifts to the world - The Eucharist, The Sacraments, The Priesthood, Scripture and Tradition - is proof.
The Saints that issue from The Church, in every generation, are proof - for Christ continues to work in the world, by the power of His Eternal-spirit.
By the numerous miracles wrought by Jesus Christ, we can be convinced that His Power of Goodness has conquered the power of evil.
By the numerous miracles wrought by His Apostles and His other disciples over the past 2,000 years, continue this proof of the defeat of evil.
The Power of Mary, The Woman of Scripture
All of these miracles wrought by the disciples of Jesus, The Christ, are done so, in, through and by, the Infinite Merits of Jesus Christ.
Just so, with Mary.
Many often forget that what God gives us, is PERMANENT, if we so choose.
The powers of Mary, even though they are given her, are permanent. Mary will always have the authority of The Mother of Jesus Christ, the authority of the Woman of Scripture - the authority of The Immaculate Conception.
Mary has them, NOW.
We, her children, can appeal to her to use her powers for our sake and for the sake of Christ, Himself.
In fact, this is the very Will of God, that The Mother make intercessions for her children, which are also God's children.
In this way, God provides His Mercy to all peoples which may even, therefore, over-ride His Justice.
This is an exquisite marvel of God's Work - that He raises His supreme creature, Mary, to the heights of perfection that she might intercede for all.
Mary, in God's Loving Purpose
The power given to Mary, in accord with her dignity and her obedience and humility, was the result of precise manoeuvres of The Eternal-father over the millenniums.
It seems to me that only one person of all the persons that ever existed - or ever will exist - was predestined to be The Woman, The Mother.
That is to say, if Mary had failed, as did Adam and Eve, or if she had said 'no' to the Archangel, then salvation would have been impossible.
It seems to me that God did not have, nor did He need to have, plan B - there was only plan A.
And Mary was integral to plan A.
Therefore, God's special friendship with Israel and the Prophets of old, was directed towards one particular purpose - The Immaculate Conception - out of whom would come Christ Jesus.
It seems to me that The Eternal-father somehow kept intact a part of Adam that was uncontaminated by original sin and that this part was carried down from generation to generation, destined to explode upon creation through the agency of Joachim and Anne, Mary's parents.
How great, in this case, must be those parents of Mary, in thus fulfilling the Will of The Father! In bringing forth The Woman of Scripture!
We can observe in this scenario, that Mary became the pinnacle of The Eternal-father' Work in all creation. She was the object towards which Israel laboured, under God's direction. She was the climax of an era - the  era of the Old Testament.
Mary was the change-over point, for from her came the new era - the era of The Christ; the era of The Church of Christ, The Church being the supreme Work of The Eternal-son.
The Woman - The Church
So, The Woman came forth from the first era and The Church came forth from the second era.
Just as The Church came forth out of The Woman - The Mother of The Church - so the Work of The Holy Spirit, in the third era, will come forth from both The Woman and The Church.
This union of The Woman and The Church must come about by way of the mankind's realisation of the Truth of both.

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