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Musings 2002/172

Novelties and Holy Mass
At a recent Holy Mass, I became surprisingly, but happily, conscious that there had been no clapping or acclamation during the Eternal-sacrifice.
I was thinking how wonderful that was and I was grateful that the Mass was treated with that respect.
BUT--at that thought I recalled the rest of the novelties and innovations that had been introduced into The Sacrifice of the Mass, and still remain there, since that good Priest, Father Hefferan, was forced out of his priestly work in Nambour -- replaced by a Priest who effectively destroyed a true Catholic Parish, turning it into a modernist 'faith community'.
Most of the novelties and innovations that latter sad Priest brought in, together with his reconstructed assembly space -- that once was our church - remain unchecked.
While I was appreciative of the fact that no hand clapping occurred, at that Holy Mass, I was brought  back to the realisation, also, that the other repulsive innovations continued.
Because the Real Presence has been removed to the tabernacle space and separated from the assembly space, one of the many unauthorised Eucharistic ministers is obliged to march through the side aisle and obtain the ciborium and march back to the leadership space with the sacred Species, showing no respect, no honour and no realisation even, for the Real Presence of Jesus Christ -

just another job to do.

On the other hand a Gospel - one which has been carefully rewritten to avoid offence to the feminist movement - is paraded up the main aisle by a minister who raises it above his head in honour. This revised Gospel is given far more importance then the Real Presence, a typical characteristic of the modernist.
The number of Eucharistic ministers add to the shambles of the Mass as they cluster around the altar reaching for a chalice or a plate, some washing their fingers because they are about to handle consecrated Hosts (or is it a show for the sake of the faith community who are thereby shown that What they are about to consume will be handled by washed fingers?).
Before the elevation, two Eucharistic ministers station unlawfully stationed behind the Priest and the altar, with Hosts held in their hands, give the appearance that they join the Priest in his sacerdotal action.
The other ministers kneel in a semi-circle immediately before the altar. When the Priest comes to give them Communion however, they all stand up. This sad little innovation almost seems a deliberate action of disrespect.
(At one Mass the Eucharistic ministers remained kneeling to receive Communion, and I was quite delighted. That was not continued, sad to say.)
The unhappy innovation of taking the children from the Mass for a children's session, is another distasteful habit of recent years-- made even worse when the faith community sing the song 'Children go to hear Good News' as the children leave!

What?! Are the children leaving Holy Mass so that they can hear good news?
Can it be that,
perhaps unbeknown to themselves,
they sing the truth?

(for some churches).
The assembly space itself, remains objectionable with its huge text screens that dominate the assembly space, effectively screening the Sacred Heart statue from where I sit.
With people stationed on a circle of pews around the altar, we are all able to obtain a fine view of other members of the faith community -- keeping of course, an eye on what the Priest is doing!
Many people, out of habit, not realising that the Real Presence is now stationed in the Tabernacle space, still genuflect when they enter and leave the assembly space, as if they were in a real Catholic church. I suspect they still do not realise, after all these years, that the Tabernacle has been discarded from the 'church' proper!
A few others, on leaving and entering, turn away from the altar and the leadership space, and genuflect towards the Tabernacle space. They at least show some honour to the Blessed Sacrament and give a reminding witness that the building has been defiled by the removal.
As I have mentioned in a couple of 'Musings', one gentleman made the comment that

the removal of the Real Presence
from the church
is the same as an abortion,
where the life within the womb
has been removed.

Yes. The murder of the unborn is similar to the dethroning of the Blessed Eucharist from His very Own church!
The building built for Him.
The repeated clapping during Mass--on most Sundays-- (I go back to this pathetic innovation) is a most annoying novelty. There are always the few people who think they are promoting this sad theatrical action by clapping as loudly as possible.
On one occasion I suggested to the Priest that clapping is for the theatre, not for an assembly space, and that he should instead, call for the parishioners to pray for the persons involved (usually a family presented because a child is about to be baptised).
In actual fact, on the very next occasion there was a call for people to say a prayer (and there was no clapping). However, that was the first and last time that occurred.
Someone made sure that was not going to be repeated and clapping returned as the done thing.
Having people take the place of the Priest for the homily, is another show of disobedience to Mother Church. Most often that person is a woman -- perhaps a coincidence, but probably because it is the women who seem to lap up the modernist novelties more then the men, who all too often follow along.
The chatter that has developed in the assembly space is something to wonder at. The number of people chatting away is

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