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Musings 2002/172

so great as to permeate the Tabernacle space, even with the door shut. This, both before and after Mass, but much worse afterwards.
When I walk through the gathering space after Mass, many of the faith community are also gathered there adding to the chatter from within the building. I make it a point to walk slowly through those gathered there noting how many are always looking in another direction as I pass so as to avoid any sort of greeting -- all are aware that I am one of the real-Catholics and that I oppose each and every one of their acts of disobedience to Mother Church.
I, with other real-Catholics, I think, are like their conscience, reminding them again and again, each time they see us, that what they do is not accepted by everyone and that they should reconsider their position of defiance.
It is no good their thinking that they have the majority accepting their actions, locally. While it may seem so, it is a fact that most people do not even know that what they see every Sunday is opposing Church regulations. They think that all is well because the Priest obviously is in full accord of what is going on.
If only we could inform them in a manner which will make them conscious of the facts, they most certainly would not be happy with the novelties and innovations.
The innovators would quickly be in the minority and their novelties would quickly disappear as they should.
The ad-libbing by the Priest, for example, would be quickly stopped.
The homilies would once again reflect what The Church teaches and make the local Parish more in tune with the universality of The Church, instead of being an open sore on an otherwise healing body.
The Sacrament of Confession would be encouraged, not discouraged, and the Holy Rosary would again flourish.
Instead of a social club which dabbles in social justice and uses the Sacraments as an psychological venture and as a means to help club solidarity, real unity would become the reality, and Truth would be the unifying Agent, leading to the very Love of God.
In the meantime, the novelties mentioned remain.
And I have not listed them all.
Humility in the 20th. Century
Reading the lives of the Saints - every one of them - they are all remarkable for their almost perfect humility.
But humility in the twentieth century was attacked from every direction, by every means available, by every modernist and would-be modernist.
The feminist movement, as part of modernism, led the way out towards a vacuum wherein humility became a despised thing.

Did they really want to raise womanhood up to its greatest heights?
If they did, then why was Mary, the Mother of Jesus Christ, cast aside?

Why was Mary, The Immaculate Conception, the Woman of Scripture, the most perfect of God's creation, ignored totally?
If liberated women really desired to take their place in history, wouldn't they want to imitate the greatest person - a woman -  that God ever brought forth, anywhere?
Of course they would - if they were serious in wanting to raise womanhood to its fullest potential.
It is a sad fact that the women's liberation movement skirted well and truly clear of the Woman of Scripture. If they ever did acknowledge Mary's existence, it was not with any admiration.

The question is why?
The answer of course,
is that Mary was humble.
Mary was obedient.

Certainly, no one will ever claim that the women's liberation movement advocated those dreaded things - humility and obedience.
It is an historical fact that not only was Mary humble and obedient, but that she excelled above everyone, everywhere, in her humility and obedience.
What would result then, I venture to mention, if the following suggestion was put to the women's liberation movement:-

Do you not realise
that the way to achieve fulfilment
of the female role in history
lies in humility and obedience?

Tarred and feathered! Scorned, ridiculed, to the extreme! Made a laughing-stock.
And what of the modernist movement in The Universal Church?
Do they demand what The Church demands, that is, humility and obedience?
That question is just as important to avoid and even ridicule, to the modernist Catholic, as it is to women's liberation.
Not only was Mary absolutely humble and obedient, but so also was The Son of God, Jesus Christ Himself.
His obedience is an astonishing factor, for He knew throughout His life, that He was destined for The Cross and for every other suffering and humiliation that went with it!
He, The Son of God! He, God-made-man!
Yet, on top of the stupendous courage He portrayed in not refusing The Cross, He actually embraced it, out of sheer love for us sinful creatures who would cast aside humility and obedience, preferring acknowledgment and prestige; longing for wealth and glory.
But what of the twentieth century modernist, now almost extinct?
What of their humility and obedience?
Yes, looking back over the past century, especially the second half, we perceive their humility and obedience and we evaluate these virtues of theirs and give them the score:-
We do so in answer to the following questions.
Did they show obedience to The Church? Answer - NO.
Did they show obedience to the Popes? Answer - NO.
Did they show obedience to Vatican Council Two? Answer - NO.
Do they act in humility? The answer - NO.
The pride and disobedience of the modernist can be so easily observed by anyone who truly wants to look. They defect from Church regulations  - disobedience - and replace them with their own regulations - pride!
And, in doing so, they use deception and lies as the means of obtaining their purposes.

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