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Musings 2002/172

48 in God my Saviour. P

These fabulous words of Mary, The Woman of Scripture, make a clear distinction between 'soul' and 'spirit'.
Mary is saying that she has a soul and she has a spirit, although it might be possible perhaps that she uses a poetic sense of words both meaning the same thing.
It seems to me, however, that Mary is indicating two distinct part of her make-up as a human being, and this is not  surprising when we consider Jesus Christ, Himself.
God Who Became Man
The Person of The Son of God issues from The Father, and that Person took to Himself a human body and soul.
We therefore perceive that

Jesus Christ in His human make-up
was Person,
was soul,
was body.

We too, in that case, have persons, souls, bodies. We too, in that case, consist of persons who are given bodies and souls and set upon the earth in order that we make our way to Paradise.
The 'spirit' and 'soul' spoken of by Mary, might then refer, one, to her person and the other, to her soul.


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