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Musings 2002/173

Mortal Sin

The modernists and their pathetic followers, having lost the true conscience which signals to the faithful follower of Christ what is and what is not, sinful, have harped for a century that sin is no longer what The Church teaches it to be!
In the modernist's warped mind, The Church has been found wrong - yet again!
I look back over the past forty years and view the treacherous thought-implants that I have sadly had stored in my memory - planted there by the anti-Catholic soul-surgeons. Nice sounding things that, at first glance and without any real reckoning, seem good and correct, but are actually pure deception. I have mentioned some of these deceptions before, but I here give an example:- that we must
first forgive ourselves. Now, it is clearly true that if God forgives us, then that is what counts. Forgiving ourselves becomes meaningless if, for example, God doesn't!
Over that period of time I have been discovering one falsehood after another which I had stupidly accepted but which I have been fortunate enough to  get a mental grip on, in due course, and cast aside for the pure rubbish they are.
So also with the modernist deception on mortal sin.
Recently at Confession the Priest, a real-Catholic, made a comment on mortal sin that set me thinking anew - just what was mortal sin?
Even though I had realised that the modernist deceptions on sin were exactly that - deceptions - I had come to accept that mortal sin was extremely difficult to commit - if not impossible - and that, to commit a mortal sin, one had to deliberately choose to go to hell and to reject Heaven.
This is probably what the modernists call
the fundamental option, which the Pope has rejected outright in his VERITATIS SPLENDOR, ADDRESSED TO ALL THE BISHOPS OF THE CATHOLIC  CHURCH:-

P The statement of the Council of Trent
does not only consider the "grave  matter"
of mortal sin;
it also recalls that its necessary condition
is  "full awareness and deliberate consent".
In any event, both in moral theology
and in pastoral practice
one is familiar with cases in which an act
which is grave by reason of its matter
does not constitute a mortal sin 
because of a lack of full awareness
or deliberate consent
on the part of  the person performing it.
Even so, "care will have to be taken
not to reduce mortal sin
to an act of 'fundamental option'
--as is commonly said today--against God",
seen either as an explicit and formal rejection
of God and neighbour
or as an implicit and unconscious rejection
of love. "
For  mortal sin exists also
when a person knowingly and willingly,
for whatever reason,
chooses something gravely disordered. P

Our super-Pope here says many wonderful things. He, first of all, reaffirms Church Tradition, as does Vatican Two; as do all Popes. He makes a special point of reaffirming, also, the Council of Trent whose teachings are part of Church dogma.
He reaffirms Church teaching on sin, venial and mortal.

If the blind, unthinking followers of modernism
realised this,
they would be horrified -
they would be shocked to the depths of their souls!

Have they not been told, over and over, that whatever their conscience seemingly tells them, whether informed or uninformed,

then they can do it!

Were they ever informed of Church teaching on the grave matter under consideration? Or were they left to their own biased thinking which of course suggested to their conscience that the matter was not mortally sinful at all - perhaps not even sinful!!?
It might have been a mortal sin fifty years ago but not today, many of them might comfortably accept without thought!
So they, often with the Priest's consent (by reason of his failure to inform them of Church teaching - that the Ten Commandments were written in their hearts; that The Church has not changed Her stance on mortal and venial sins and therefore artificial contraception [for example] is mortally sinful) have gone ahead with a physical operation that resulted in the impossibility of conception!
Perhaps even, on some occasions, these people went ahead as a result of a Priest's direct recommendation!!
The Pope's teaching on the fraudulent modernist teaching is reaffirmed by that great teacher of truth,
Father William Saunders in his WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO MORTAL SIN? He states:

P  Sadly, some individuals
misconstrue fundamental option
in such a way there are no particular mortal sins.
Instead, the one "mortal sin"
which would take a soul to hell
is for a person to willingly, knowingly
reject God and His love entirely.
Such a stance would reduce fundamental option
to some psychological game,
whereby a person says,
"I love God. I do not reject God.

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