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Musings 2002/173

My individual choices or particular actions
do not affect my total being.
Therefore, although I committed adultery,
or murdered someone, or fornicated,
or robbed the bank,
(or committed any other mortal sin),
God still loves me,
I love God, and I think
I am going to heaven." P

Think again, Father Saunders concludes.
The Gravity of Sin
It seems to me that the central point that is muddled in most people's minds - because of The Church's strong teachings being undermined for generations - is whether an sinful action or an inaction is gravely disordered.
Most real-Catholics nowadays would agree that to commit a mortal sin one must be aware and one must consent.
Perhaps even the modernist 'Catholic' would accept that?
To be
gravely disordered, the mortal sin surely must be an affront to the Holy Trinity's divine Virtues:- Goodness, Wisdom and Love.
God has set out
the way and the truth and the life that we must embrace in order to gain eternal life in Him. He has made clear the guidelines which will ensure that we attain a pure life of unending delight, with Him and in Him.
He has given us the Ten Commandments.
But, the modernist would have us believe that the Ten Commandments no longer apply; that the Beatitudes have become the standard
instead, even as the Pope says otherwise, time and again; for he teaches obedience to the Ten Commandments as well as compliance to the Beatitudes.
And clearly, to the person of common sense and of the Faith, the Pope is perfectly correct.
It is most interesting to note that the Gospel touches on this particular matter and does so
immediately following Christ's declaration of the Beatitudes. Jesus, having declared His Beatitudes, continues with the following statement:-

P17 Do not think that I am come to destroy the law,
or the prophets.
I am not come to destroy,
but to fulfil.
For amen I say unto you,
till heaven and earth pass,
one jot, or one tittle shall not pass
of the law,
till all be fulfilled.
He therefore that shall break one
of these least commandments,
and shall so teach men
shall be called the least
in the kingdom of heaven.
But he that shall do and teach,
he shall be called great
in the kingdom of heaven.
For I tell you,
that unless your justice abound more
than that of the scribes and Pharisees,
you shall not enter into
the kingdom of heaven. P

Alas for the modernists, there is no escape for them in their proclaiming the Beatitudes and disclaiming the Ten Commandments.
It seems that, as the Ten Commandments are written in our hearts, each one of us is capable of choosing to do something, in full knowledge; something that is
gravely disordered whether or not we have even heard of the Commandments. And, if we do that, then we commit a mortal sin.
John Epistle 4:20 supports what Father William Saunders teaches:-

P If any man say: I love God,
and hateth his brother;
he is a liar.
For he that loveth not his brother
whom he seeth,
how can he love God
whom he seeth not? P

It might even be said, in that case, that any man who hates his brother then hates God!
In the
Act of Penance that we used to be taught decades ago, we declare:-

P O my God I am sorry for my sins,
because they can lead others
to damnation,
because they deserve
your dreadful punishment,
because they have crucified
my loving Saviour Jesus Christ;
but most of all
because they offend your
infinite Goodness. P

The truth that our sins offend God's infinite Goodness and is the primary reason that sins are sins, is here declared.
Yet our sins also detract from God's Truth which He shares with us; Truth that Christ came upon earth to make known. Therefore, in spite of the fact that we have the Ten Commandments written in our hearts as sure guidelines guaranteeing a place in Heaven (if we follow them), we shamefully dismiss the Truth of them  - preferring deception instead.
Such a preference for deception further brings shame upon us in that we turn away from God's Love which His Spirit would shower upon everyone!
Still, the difficult question - what constitutes
grave disorder? - remains. It is easy to accept that murder or debauchery would come under that heading.
However, Adam and Eve ate one piece of forbidden fruit!
That original sin of disobedience affected every human person since.

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