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Musings 2002/173

Son of Man - Son of Mary.
Freewill, Co-operation and Mary
One point that all sane people believe is that God gave mankind freewill. This is perfectly clear when we see how often and how many people break God's laws - in fact we are unable to point to any person who does NOT break God's laws.
The fact that God gave us freewill is quite astonishing not only in the fact itself - for God maintains each of us as an entity from moment to moment - but because of the implications of the fact.
One implication is that God relies on each of us to co-operate with Him for our own salvation and for the salvation of others! This is also undeniable!
However God relies most on those to Whom He has given most:-

Luke 12:48 And unto whomsoever
much is given,
of him much shall be required:
and to whom
they have committed much,
of him they will demand the more.

Therefore, because Mary has been given the greatest of gifts from God - being The Woman of Scripture who was conceived immaculate and who became the Mother of Christ - she was expected to achieve the greatest results. God did indeed, do great things to Mary. Cf Luke 2.

And Mary did fulfil God's requirements of her,
as Scripture also proclaims
for all generations shall call her blessed
and her soul magnifies the Lord.

Here again is further proof of Mary's role as Co-redemptrix.
Simple fact. Plain common sense. And simply wonderful.


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