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Musings 2002/174

Devotion to Jesus Christ

Many Protestants and others, often consider that Catholics are too preoccupied with Mary and the Saints to have time for devotion to Jesus!
Some, even amongst the modernist 'Catholics', think that Catholics are too preoccupied with Dogma and Church regulations and laws, to leave room for devotion to Jesus!
What with Rosary beads, statues, holy pictures, scapulars, tabernacles, stations of The Cross, holy water fonts, etc., etc., it is thought that Catholics are more superstitious then spiritual!
With so much mental effort put into indulgences, prayers for the Holy Souls, numerous sodalities and societies, where does the Catholic fit in time for Jesus? asks the anti-Catholic.
Of course, this thinking is pretty shallow, but anyone who wants to put down Catholics and The Catholic Church, is prepared to accept any sort of nonsense without check or thought at all.
Catholics are like anyone else - they only have 24 hours in every day and seven days in every week. The difference is merely how they allocate their labours, spiritual or otherwise.

And the king answering shall say to them:
Amen I say to you,
as long as you did it to one of these
my least brethren,
you did it to me.

So Jesus taught us in Matthew 25.
We are able to comprehend from this that when we act charitably towards others, then we are acting charitably towards Jesus. But Jesus emphasised 'my least brethren'.

How much more then, 
will Jesus appreciate those
who act charitably
towards His Own blessed Mother
and His great Saints?

But, who are the 'least of His brethren'?
No doubt this includes our neighbours especially the poorest. We should act with charity toward everyone but especially towards one another in The Church - for Jesus also teaches in John 13:-

A new commandment I give unto you:
That you love one another,
as I have loved you,
that you also love one another.
By this shall all men know
that you are my disciples,
if you have love one for another.

What is to be said for the 'Christian', then, who thinks he loves his neighbour but rejects The Mother of The Saviour, The Woman of Scripture?
The Souls in Purgatory
Amongst the poorest of people, I would consider that the Holy Souls in Purgatory have an urgent priority;

they who are our closest suffering neighbours
amongst my least brethren
in The Communion of Saints
and who rely so much on our prayers.

Anyone who deliberately fails to pray for the Holy Souls certainly is lacking in love for neighbour.
It becomes more and more clear, the more we ponder on it, that love for God's creatures, especially our neighbours, more especially those in Purgatory and most especially for those in Heaven, is the very same thing as love for Jesus Christ; for God.
Catholic Devotions
For all of these reasons and more, we clearly perceive that devotion to Jesus Christ by the real-Catholic is profound and all encompassing.
You can glimpse this profound adoration of Christ when a Catholic bows His head at the Name of Jesus Christ; when the Catholic venerates the very Name of Jesus Christ personally and in organised societies; when Catholics adore the very Blood of Christ and His Sacred Heart; when Catholics express the greatest devotion for the Face of Christ; when Catholics genuflect on passing Christ's Real Presence, etc..
Christ is the very centre of every action of the real-Catholic and of The Catholic Church. Jesus Christ in the Holy Eucharist is the foundation stone of Catholicism as super-Pope John Paul II tells his Bishops in his recent
P The sanctification of the Christian takes place in the waters of Baptism, is consolidated by the sacraments of Confirmation and Reconciliation,
and is nourished by

the Eucharist,
the Church's greatest treasure,
the sacrament by which the Church
is constantly built up
as the People of God,
the Body of Christ
and the temple of the Holy Spirit. 127

This sanctification permeates the whole life of the Church, and the Bishop is its minister, above all through the sacred liturgy. The liturgy, and the Eucharistic celebration in particular, has been called

''the source and summit
of the Church's life''. 128

This statement is in a way reflected in the Bishop's own liturgical ministry, which is the centre of his activity aimed at the sanctification of the People of God. P
The Catholic therefore adores Christ in the Holy Eucharist and habitually presents himself before his Saviour in the Tabernacles of Catholic churches everywhere. There, in the Real Presence, he prays to Christ and listens for His word.
In perceiving Christ as the centre of his life and as the centre of all life which is created for Him alone, the Catholic takes every possible means of delighting his Saviour. He presents himself before Christ in the company of His Own

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