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Musings 2002/174

I suppose, then, I could say that Heaven came to earth through Mary - God being Heaven and Jesus being God.
Bring Jesus Down to our Level
The people who rave on and on against Catholics and their tremendous devotion to Mary, Mother of The Saviour, Woman of Scripture, have a most unfortunate habit.
This habit is imitated by the modernists and it involved dragging Jesus Christ down to our level.
Now of course, any one who drags The Lord down to his own level will have little devotion of The Lord, let alone Mary. Dragging Him down to his own level shows just how he thinks of Him.
Therefore, if he sees Jesus on his own level while Catholics raise the Blessed Virgin to great heights above us, then naturally he will think that we adore Mary!
In this they doubly err - in dragging down Jesus, and as a consequence, failing to honour His Mother.

This in spite of the fact
that Jesus clothed Himself
in a human body and soul
specifically so that he could teach us
the Truth
as well as to accept The Cross.

He did these things
so that He might raise us up
to His Level,
even to sharing His Divinity!

The Truth

P I came into the world for this:
to bear witness to the truth;
and all who are on the side of truth
listen to my voice. P

John 18.
But The Truth escapes the modernists and others who discredit Mary and take from her that
which all generations shall call her, that is to say, blessed. Luke 1:48. It is seemingly not possible for them to realise - it is simply beyond their spiritual or intellectual capability - to perceive that Mary is the woman clothed with the sun, in Apocalypse 12!
Attacks upon Mary
I recently had the misfortune to come across an anti-Mary web-site written by a woman who claimed to be an ex-nun and that she was raised up as a strong Catholic (including devotion to Mary).
But her hatred against The Catholic Church in her extensive attack upon The Virgin made me wonder whether that part of her web was just as deceptive as the rest of it.
The woman quoted the Catholic prayer 'Hail Queen of Heaven' and asked any Catholic reader to really read and consider the wording of this prayer.
So I did.
And I thought to myself that if she thought that this prayer portrayed adoration of The Blessed Virgin, then she is only scratching the surface of the real devotion that Catholics have!!

However in this attack on Mary she errs,
for she does not at all prove
adoration of the Catholic for Mary;
no indeed, it proves just how far down
she has dragged Jesus Christ.

When I say this, I am presuming that she still claims to be Christian.
This ex-Catholic woman, in her errors and deceptions goes even further and includes Catholic devotion to Mary in the same category some New Age followers of the pagan variety, have for idols!!
Lights for the World

Walk with Me,
and thus you yourselves will be,
in the world,
the immaculate Light
which will conquer
the darkness of evil and sin.

These are the words of The Blessed Virgin in her locution to Father Gobbi on the 13th. July, 1978, in Rome.
The Church is to be
the light for the world, through Her people, as Vatican Two states DOGMATIC CONSTITUTION ON THE CHURCH - LUMEN GENTIUM:

P Hence that messianic people,
although it does not actually
include all men,
and at times may appear
as a small flock,
is, however, a most sure seed
of unity, hope and salvation
for the whole human race.
Established by Christ
as a communion of life, love and truth,
it is taken up by him also
as the instrument
for the salvation
of all
as the   light of the world
and the salt of the earth
(cf. Mt. 5:13-16) it is  sent forth
into the whole world. P

And Mary also explains something of this light to Father Gobbi on the 11th. February, 1977:

Only the chaste in mind
can continue to keep themselves
upright and strong in the faith.
And so, walk along the roads
of this corrupted world
to spread only my light from Heaven,
and to the multitudes
which each day are seduced by error,
give the good example

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