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Musings 2002/174

of remaining firm in the truth
of the Faith.

Now, Mary's immaculate light is the very Light of Christ, of course. Indeed the light of the messianic people is the very Light of Christ, too.
Mary brought Christ into this world; she brought the Light of Christ into this world. She, being the Mediatrix of all graces, therefore, continues to work for her adored Son to bring His Light to all the world.
I have been thinking about this
Light and how It is to be brought into the world. It will come through The Universal Church we know, but this means too, that It will come through the Faithful; through the real-Catholics.
I have been considering this
Light in conjunction with the Era of The Spirit which many believe is due for the world. This will be an Era of Love; an Era of Peace.

P "Holy men and women
have always been the source and origin of renewal
in the most difficult circumstances
throughout the Church's history.
Today we have a tremendous need of saints,
for whom we must assiduously implore God.
The Institutes of Consecrated Life,
through the profession of the evangelical counsels,
must be conscious of their special mission
in today's Church,
and we must encourage them
in that mission. [74]
The Fathers of the Ninth Assembly
of the Synod of Bishops
echoed this conviction:
"Throughout the Church's history,
consecrated life has been a living presence
of the Spirit's work,
a kind of privileged milieu
for absolute love of God and of neighbour,
for witness to the divine plan of gathering
all humanity into the civilisation of love,
the great family
of  the children of God. [75] P

(THE CONSECRATED LIFE. Vita Consecrata. Apostolic Letter of Pope John Paul II given on March 25, 1996.)
Here the super-Pope calls for great saints in the world. To me his call seems urgent with almost a desperate ring.
How can people of the
consecrated life (or even amongst the laity - for all are called to be saints) be a witness to the divine plan of gathering all humanity into the civilisation of love?
It seems to me that such
witnesses  will enter The Civilisation of Love ahead of their brothers and sisters and the whole world. They will lead the way into this Era of The Spirit - He Who is Love Itself.
The New Adam and the New Eve
I have expressed my view that the new era, in its fullness,  will be the era of the new Adam and the new Eve who are perceived by The Church as Jesus Christ and Mary. In becoming One with Christ we become One with Him and His Mother - sharing therefore, their titles as the new Adam and the new Eve. In this manner does The Universal Church become the new Adam and the new Eve.

To be completely the new Adam and Eve
we, The People of God,
must enter into a new Garden of Eden
and this can only be accomplished
by the removal of the devil and his evil followers
from creation.

This removal of the evil one will be God's answer to our plea to deliver us from evil.
This removal will allow God's children -
Mary's children - to regain the total capabilities God gave human beings in the beginning, found in each person's body and soul.
Indeed this total capability will be even greater because of Christ's Cross; because of Christ's becoming a human being, and drawing down upon creation His Infinite Merits.
It will be even greater because man has gone through the experience of the horrific, evil millenniums and all who seek the Truth of Christ will treasure this experience so that the lesson is well and truly learnt; never to be repeated.
So, the witnesses of the Civilisation of Love, having entered first into this regenerated state of the new Adam in a new paradise, will be free of the influence of the devil.
To these witnesses, God's
Kingdom has come; they will carry out His Will on earth as it is done in Heaven; they will no longer be lead into temptation; they will be delivered from evil.

P 15:2  And I saw as it were
a sea of glass mingled with fire:
and them that had overcome the beast
and his image
and the number of his name,
standing on the sea of glass, having the harps of God. P

The Rev. H.B. Kramer in his Book of Destiny, which details his life-long study of the Book of The Apocalypse (Revelation), explains this passage thus (refer pages 352/3):-
P(The victors) seem to mean the clergy and religious in this chapter. If they were martyrs they would no longer be part of the 'sea' but would be in Heaven and the symbolism would vanish.
The presence of 'fire' in the Crystal Sea
intimates a high degree of sanctity in the laity and presages destruction for the Beast and his followers, if not by The Church at least for the sake of The Church.
Christ will protect and fight for His own as Jahve for the Israelites.

Those of the clergy
who were not brought to sin by the Beast
celebrate this victory
before his destruction actually begins.

They have passed through a sea of fire.
They are happy because they have heeded the warnings of the angels in the preceding chapter, have not feared the Beast but have risked all rather then submit to him by any sign whatsoever.
They have overcome 'the beast and his image and the number of his name'.

They did not believe in the false miracles

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