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Musings 2004/175

My Soul Doth Magnify The Lord

Scripture here, declares that the soul of Mary magnifies The Lord. (Luke 1:46)
How is it that Mary
magnifies The Lord?
Now, it is an amazing thing to be able to
magnify The Lord! In fact, one wonders how that is possible, God being all-perfect, all-powerful. It can only be that God's creatures acknowledge His eternal Perfection and Power in the one He has created, that is, Mary.
It can only be that her perfection - confirmed by
the humility of His handmaid - as given her by The Lord is recognised, acknowledged and appreciated throughout the world by all generations; certainly by The Church established by Jesus Christ.
Only by people of free-will - persons separate from God - can Mary's
soul magnify The Lord. And they can only magnify The Lord by perceiving God's greatness in creating Mary's perfection of being.
God indeed, has
done great things to Mary. And therefore Mary's spirit has rejoiced in God her Saviour.
So Mary's words
My soul doth magnify The Lord, hold astonishing and far-reaching meaning for the world and for all generations.
Clearly here, as elsewhere in Scripture,
all generations are called to honour and love Mary.

There is no doubt about it.
It is black and white for even a child
to see and understand.

And how great must Mary be if, in Scripture, it is advertised that she is indeed so gifted as to magnify The Lord?
What wonders has God brought forth in The Mother of His Son; The Woman of Scripture!
These wonders, these
great things, are so astonishing as to be translated for us as the woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars about her head. (Rev. 12:1)
John Paul II and Vatican Council II
One modernist Priest called our super-Pope radical!
Now 'radical' means to me, when applying it to a person, that that person is one who has stepped outside of the norm; he is easily noticed because he does things in an abnormal manner.
It seems to me that the Priest, in saying that, says more about himself then he does about the super-Pope.
In actual fact, John Paul II is an exceptionally normal Catholic Pope. He is so normal that, in today's dying age of heresy, he seems radical!!
Like all Popes he is Catholic. Like most Popes he is a living saint.

However, he does stand out
in today's disappearing world of deception
because of his insistence
for the Truth.

He stands out even more when we perceive his sanctity in an era of atheism; in a time of schism and rebellion; during a period of apostasy within The Universal Church; during a century given over to the devil!
The said Priest was not thinking along these lines, however. He was thinking that he himself was a normal Catholic Priest and the Pope was old-hat, lost is past errors, clinging to ancient superstitions.
Of course, the super-Pope does cling to past Traditions as he should and as all Popes ever will, and ever have. Pope John Paul II teaches the same Truths as the first Pope, Peter, taught. He teaches the same truths that have been taught since Jesus Christ, and portrayed in a developing wisdom from century to century.
He is hated by the post-modernists, who feverish look forward to his death, simply because he will not deviate from Truth.
This hatred is heightened by the fact that our super-Pope is a steadfast promoter of Vatican Council Two - the real one.
He praises this most wonderful Council and continues his powerful intention to implement all of its decisions and guidelines.
John Paul II, in his astounding devotion to The Blessed Virgin and under her guidance, steers his pontificate along the path set by Vatican Two.
He does this because Vatican Two is probably the greatest Council of The Universal Church, ever. Totally guided by The Holy Spirit in its every decision, the Council not only confirms Catholic Dogma but sets the course for the future of The Church, for the world.
While some in the Church hierarchy would have steered The Church in any other direction so long as that direction moved away from Truth, the super-Pope proved his power of infallibility by following The Spirit of Truth and by demanding that the Faithful do likewise.

P 7. This missionary activity derives its reason
from the will of God,   
"who wishes all men to be saved
and to come to the knowledge
of the truth.
For there is one God,
and one mediator between God and men,   
Himself a man, Jesus Christ, who gave Himself
as a ransom for all" (1 Tim. 2:4-5),
"neither is there salvation in any other" (Acts 4:12).   

Therefore, all must be converted to Him,
made known by the Church's preaching, and all must be incorporated into Him by baptism, and into the Church which is His body. For Christ Himself, "by stressing in express language the necessity of faith and baptism (cf. Mark 16:16;   John 3:5),

at the same time confirmed the necessity
of the Church,
into which men enter by baptism,
as by a door.

Therefore those men cannot be saved, who though aware that God, through Jesus Christ, founded the   Church as something necessary, still do not wish to enter into it, or to persevere in it." [17] Therefore, though God in ways known to Himself can lead those inculpably ignorant of the Gospel to find that faith without which it is impossible to please Him (Heb. 11:6), yet a necessity lies upon the Church (1 Cor. 9:16), and at the same time a sacred duty, to  preach the Gospel. And hence missionary activity today as always retains its power and necessity.
By means of this activity, the Mystical Body of Christ unceasingly gathers and directs its forces toward its own growth (cf. Eph. 4:11-16). The members of the Church are impelled to carry on such missionary activity

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