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Musings 2004/175

by reason of the love
with which they love God
and by which  they desire to share
with all men

the spiritual goods of both this life and the life to come.  P
How easy it is to perceive the greatness of Vatican Two in the above words of the
Yet this greatness is found on every page of Vatican Two documents. Indeed, there is no page where the beauty of Truth does not shine forth.
So it is not surprising that this Pope of Truth regards Vatican Two as a Work of God. He himself took a powerful part in Vatican Two and personally viewed The Spirit at work.
And it is he who has ensured that Vatican Two - the real one - and its
real Spirit, has permeated throughout The Church and the world.
His own many encyclicals of Truth reflect Vatican Two's statements and have ensured that the future will extrapolate precisely in accord with The Divine-will.
The Love With Which They Love God
Notice above how Vatican Two perceive what Love is:- Love is an actual Person. The Third Person of The Blessed Trinity IS Love. The Holy Spirit IS The Love Between Father and Son. The Holy Spirit IS The Love between us and God; between us and our neighbour,
Love is a Person Who shares Himself with us.
Thus, it is not technically accurate for us to say
we love God. No, but it is accurate to say we share The Love of God.
That is why we are able to say that we are the
temple of The Holy Spirit, because He comes to us; He shares Himself with us.

"Jesus, I receive you
as Mary your Mother
received you;
I love you
with the love with which
the heavenly Father
loves you,
that is,
with the Holy Spirit."

These are the words of Father Raniero Cantalamessa, the Priest who actually preaches to our super-Pope. See page 3 of this newsletter.
He is saying precisely the same words as does Vatican Two. He is saying the same words as does Scripture:-

God is Love.

A Sword of Sorrow Shall Pierce Your Soul
In Luke's Gospel (2:36) we discover that Mary will suffer great sorrow such that will pierce the depths of her being.
Simeon so declared as part of his prophecy about the Child Jesus.
By stating this, Simeon would be recalling the sufferings predicted for The Christ:-
They have pierced my hands and my feet; they have numbered all my bones. This prophecy also was known to Mary who, being without sin, not tainted even by the sin of Adam, had an intellect preserved from interference by evil and from the evil one.
This purity of being, in her foreknowledge of The Christ's suffering, severely multiplied her sufferings, she being not only His Mother but companion and disciple as well.
PMy God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?
But I, poor worm, have no manhood left. I am a by-word to all, the laughing stock of the rabble. All those who catch sight of me fall to mocking, mouthing out insults while they toss their heads in scorn.
I am spent as spilt water, all my bones out of joint, my heart turned to molten wax within me. Prowling about me like a pack of dogs, their wicked conspiracy  hedges me in.
PPsalm 21 (22).
In the midst of this preview of Christ's suffering (21:10,11) there is a pause in the listing of the horrors destined for Him, and Scripture directs the readers' attention to Christ's Mother and to God's participation in Christ's affairs.
PWhat hand but thine drew me out of my mother's womb? Who else was my refuge when I hung at the breast? From the hour of my birth thou are my guardian; since I left my mother's womb, thou art my God! P
Four times does the prophet David mention Christ' Eternal-father and at the same time, His immaculate Mother.
The prophecy then returns to the sufferings of The Christ.
It is clearly confirmed in Apocalypse 12, also, that Mary was to share in her Son's Suffering.
P  She had a child in her womb and was crying out as she travailed, in great pain of her delivery.
And this child of hers was caught up to God, right up to his throne, while the mother fled into the wilderness where God had prepared a place of refuge for her.
So the dragon, finding himself cast down to earth, went in pursuit of the woman, the boy's mother.
Thereupon the serpent sent a flood of water out of his mouth in pursuit of the woman to carry her away on its tide. 
The real-Catholic, while he needs scriptural proof of the closest association of
the woman and her offspring, realises that a mother suffers when her son suffers, certainly when the Mother stands before the Crucifix upon which her Son hangs.
Try as we might however, we will never comprehend the fullness of Mary's suffering, for we are hardened sinners ensuring that the agonies of the sinless one are beyond our intellect.
Nor can we comprehend therefore, the greater sufferings of Jesus Christ, the spotless
Lamb of God.
Mary Comprehended the Fullness of Christ's Suffering
Mary's unique position however, ensured that she and she alone, comprehended the extent of the sufferings of her divine Son.
Not only did she share them, but she actually comprehended the fullness of them.
What consolation must this have been for Jesus, her God-child!
What consolation is this for us, Mary's other children!
We are consoled because our Mother represented us at The Cross of Salvation where she not only shared in her heart of hearts, this awful but glorious Cross, but she was totally capable of comprehending the totality of the agonies involved - just as would and as befits, a Co-redemptrix.
Divine Wisdom
I suppose God has no need of wisdom which is necessary for we creatures who have limited intellect and must make choices based on the knowledge we do have. Those who make the best choices are considered wise.
For The Creator, Whose knowledge is eternal, whose power is without limit and Who knows every detail of the future, does not need the virtue of wisdom, great as it is
So, the words 'Divine Wisdom' could be termed 'Divine Direction', for I am thinking about the exquisite balance and planning God shows forth in His creation.
For example, when God chose to become a creature, He chose to become a male - He chose, that is to say,
not to

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