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Musings 2004/175

become a female. Indeed, His whole creation of humanity from day six, indicated that a male person was to become The Christ.
Never did anyone (of God's people) think that The Saviour would be a woman!
However, God was not denigrating womanhood by any means, for He had equally as marvellous plans for a female - for the woman -in many respects. In some ways, even more marvellous plans!
Therefore, in raising up Mary as His most perfect reflection in all creation, The Eternal-father provided a gracious balance between the sexes.

In Mary's Immaculate Conception
(reflecting the Goodness of The Father)
- the image of His Goodness -
and in her Motherhood of Jesus Christ
(reflecting the Parenthood of The Father),
- the unspotted mirror of God's Majesty
and in The Holy Spirit's espousal of Mary,
- the brightness of eternal light -
she became The Woman of Scripture.

What precision does God provide in His wielding  of the universe! ensuring perfect balance and harmony!
We, struggling human beings, have no excuse; we have no come-back; we are forced to admit that the justice of God is absolute but perfect.
The Glory of Existence
We have heard numerous descriptions of the horrors of hell - the lake of fire and brimstone for example.
Another horror, we are informed, is the realisation of what one has lost!
This latter horror becomes more awful the more one contemplates it.
God has raised each of us from nothingness to an entity!!
We do exist!
Albeit, everything we have has been given to us, but that Gift of being is immortal, because God will not take away what He has given - we may lose what He gives us because we refuse it: not because God takes it away.
The incredible fact that I exist, is really astonishing. I, who am aware of myself; I, who am aware of God; of my Creator; of some of His Truths about Heaven and creation; about The Messiah; about sharing His Very Divinity!!
Here, we perceive God making possible, the impossible.
How could it have been possible for God to bring forth beings who have free-will and who are conscious that their Creator exists?!
As a result of this miracle, where Three Persons shared The Godhead, we will have three billion persons sharing The Godhead, becoming One in The Communion of Saints; The Mystical Body of Jesus Christ; The One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church!
Having gone to hell, forced to perceive the reality of things (where in earthly life, I refused or avoided this perception so that I might participate in all the luxuries and lusts within my grasp) and then to become absolutely conscious of what God's exquisite, wondrous and astonishing plan had provided for me (had I been willing to appreciate His personal plan of salvation for me)  followed by the acute realisation of my final, permanent, pitiful and horrendous state of being, this agony is so frightful as to make the combination of all the other horrors  as nothing!
On the other hand, on considering the one who has reached Heaven, sharing The Eternal-existence of God The Father, participating in The fabulous fullness of The Truth of God The Son and glorying in The eternally-fulfilling Love of The Spirit, I am astonishingly enthralled - continuously - at the fact that my existence as an entity has reached such stupendous heights, which heights extend forever.
Whether we consider the dammed soul in hell or the Saint in Heaven, we MUST recognise that the existence we have - the entities that we are - are fabulous Gifts from God. In hell the agony is about
the loss of the perfect final existence God had prepared for us, while in Heaven souls are astonished at the perfect existence given them.
What a glorious miracle it is that we exist!
Once this miracle is recognised and appreciated the tragedy of sin and its awful offence against our Creator and its awful consequence for ourselves, are more easily acknowledged.
P  8. Having made these declarations regarding the Unity of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, let us return to the order in which we began the discussion.

God the Father bestows upon all,
and participation in Christ,
in respect of His being
the word of reason,
renders them rational beings.

From which it follows that

they are deserving either of praise or blame,
because capable of virtue and vice.

On this account, therefore, is the grace of the Holy Ghost present,

that those beings which are not holy
in their essence
may be rendered holy
by participating in it.

Seeing, then, that firstly,
they derive their existence from God the Father;
secondly, their rational nature from the Word;
thirdly, their holiness from the Holy Spirit,
--those who have been previously sanctified by the Holy Spirit are again made capable of receiving Christ, in respect that

He is the righteousness of God;

and those who have earned advancement to this grade by the sanctification of the Holy Spirit, will nevertheless obtain the gift of wisdom according to the power and working of the Spirit of God. P
Gathered from nadvent\NICENE\ECF04.TXT    (18-Oct-97)   


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