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Musings 2004/176

Faith and Common Sense

Faith is a marvellous thing, it is true; but it seems to me that that doesn't give us leeway to be stupid.
There is a rumour going around (one hopes it is a myth, but it is probably fact) that a seminarian was given this 'good' advice from his spiritual director, a nun:-
give up praying for three months, she instructed.
The rumour is that he took this advice even though he was astonished!
Now, what sort of a Catholic faith is that?
Because the lady was a 'spiritual director' I suppose the seminarian allocated to her a sort of infallibility. Perhaps he thought that obedience would make everything right!
Nor is a person who claims to have a virtue, given leeway to be stupid.
One is not expected to take idiotic and anti-Catholic advice in his efforts to be obedient.
(I wonder, at the same time, how it is that the seminarian was not placed in the care of a Priest for spiritual advice - that is a priestly job. Priests are given special training and divine Grace to be experts in this field.)
I believe that God gave us brains so that we could use them.
Because we have been given the Faith, we are therefore not exempt from using our brains.
Yet, this has been the case for decades within the physical parameters of The Universal Church -

we have been coerced
by pastors
to refuse obedience to Her!

Simply because we have been obedient to our Parish Priests for decades and for generations, we continued to take directions even as we KNEW that something was amiss.
The Church said one thing and the Priest said another! To whom do you give obedience?
To follow the Priest against The Church is NOT using our God-given intellect.
Scriptural Proof of The New Era of Love
A good man, a Baptist, asked me if I had any Scriptural evidence supporting an Era of Love; an Era of Peace.
He went off to check it out for himself and here am I doing the same.
The first thing I would consider is The Lord's Prayer, which is accepted as the prime manner of verbal prayer in Christian communities around the world.
Jesus Christ instructs us to pray:-

deliver us from evil.

What can this mean? It seems to me that the meaning is quite astonishing. Christ did not say 'deliver us from every evil' or 'deliver us from evil things' or 'from evil people'. No He says 'deliver us from evil' as if 'evil' represented the father of evil, the evil one, himself.
The prime meaning I therefore would suggest is this:-
deliver us from the evil one.

P But God sent fire from heaven
to consume them
and the devil, their seducer,
was thrown into the lake
of fire and brimstone
where, like himself,
the beast and the false prophet
will be tormented day and night eternally. PRev. 20:9.

Now, if mankind was delivered from the influence of the evil-one, then he would regain his original abilities; the same capabilities of Adam and Even in Eden, before the fall!
Our physical, intellectual and spiritual prowess would be astonishing (compared to our present stunted abilities). Even science declares that man does not use his full capabilities - by over 80%.
In this re-perfected intellect we would perceive
a new heaven and a new earth, for we would understand and comprehend innumerable things we previously had not. (2Peter3:13  But we look for new heavens and a new earth according to his promises, in which justice dwelleth.)
1  I saw a new heaven and a new earth. For the first heaven and the first earth was gone: and the sea is now no more.
2 And I, John, saw the holy city, the new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband
In Heaven of course,
justice is not needed. Justice is only needed where wrongs need to be righted - there are no wrongs in Heaven.
Yet Scripture says
where justice dwelleth. Therefore, the new heavens and the new earth are due to appear before the final judgment when all will be despatched either to Heaven or to hell - justice having come to its finality.
The Lord's Prayer also directs that we pray that we are not
led into temptation.
Of course, there is no temptation in Heaven and so we again realise that this request in the Prayer refers to matters in creation, on earth.
But it means even more, for if there is no longer a leading into

does this not mean
that the tempter
has been removed?

Could it not also mean that the re-spiritualised man, a new Adam in Christ, has a new power to recognise and repel any advance of any evil left on earth after the removal of the father of lies?
Thy Will be Done on Earth as It is in Heaven.
Again we are presented with

a situation on earth
where God's Will
is to be carried out
so well
as to be compared with Heaven.

If God's Will is done so well on earth, then I think we can take it that, during that period, there will be peace everywhere; love everywhere.
Again, in this part of the prayer, I think we can glimpse the situation as one where the devil no longer rules; indeed, where he is no longer on earth -
period. Jesus Christ Himself said:- John 12:31  Now is the judgment of the world: now shall the prince of this world be cast out.
One would think that Christ referred to that particular
judgment as to whether the world would accept Him and His

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