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Musings 2004/176

those others, in their rash folly. P2 Tim.3:1-9.
They have torn holes in my hands and my feet; I can count my bones one by one.
So says Psalms 22:16 (21:17) about the sufferings to be inflicted upon The Christ, long before He became a man.
When Christ did come Rome ruled over Israel and most of the known world. The crucifixion of criminals by many rulers was fairly common.
There can be no doubt that Jesus knew about the Psalms and what that entailed for Him!
He Himself prophesised His type of death, confirming the Old Testament:-

When you have lifted up
The Son of Man,
you will recognise
that it is Myself
that you look for. (John 8:28)

Indeed, there can be no doubt that Mary also knew of this, from the very beginning. This is clearly understood by Luke's precise account of the Salvation Story when Simeon spoke to The Mother of Salvation (2:35):-

as for thy own soul
it shall have a sword
to pierce it.

There are other predictions of awful sufferings in the Old Testament destined for The Christ, all of which were perfectly understood by The Lord and His Mother.
The reason that I bring up this matter is to put the question:-
Could I cope with a situation where I knew, from childhood, that such unbelievable atrocities were destined for me as they were for Jesus?
The very simple answer is:- No way that I could cope with the sufferings embraced by Jesus Christ nor with the foreknowledge of them!
I am not talking about the Infinite Merits that He brought about through His Suffering, which only He could achieve; I am talking about the mental and physical sufferings laid upon Him.
And I have to add that:-
Nor could I cope with the sufferings of His blessed Mother in her foreknowledge of, her agreement to and her participation in, His every agony.
Some people might aspire to be prophets but I have come to the conclusion that the prophet's life must entail some horrible personal sufferings as they peer into future events.
Politics and Religion
There seems to be a general acceptance that politics and religion should be kept apart. I think the basic idea behind this is to ensure that religious leaders of a national religion are also not the nation's political leaders.
This I can understand. This The Universal Church understands because She forbids Her consecrated leaders to take any full time political careers.
Having said that, it seems to me

that religion and politics
can  not  really be separated.

Just as the family and religion can not be separated.
Just as the individual person can not be separated from religion -
the soul can not find rest unless it rests in God, says St. Augustine.
The person and the family are shaped, moulded, purified and strengthened by Christianity and so should the nation which after all, is the sum total of individuals and families.
This disastrous separation of religion and politics is merely an excuse to keep religions and religions leaders quiet about the decision-making of politicians, justice systems and governments.
So that, when a government decides to allow abortion e.g., the religious leaders (and those that follow them) say to themselves
Ah well, that's politics. I am a religious and I can't meddle! - a pathetic immoral excuse by the religious to do nothing to stop a government from approving all sorts of immoral legislation such as what I see as murder of the unborn!
Catholicism and Government
The recent election in Queensland highlights the point I make and proves its validity.
A socialist government got back into power with an awful majority. The Catholic Church has long ago condemned socialism (not just Communism) for many reasons, the main one being that the socialist stand on matters of morality is that any moral question is decided by the majority of those voting!
That is to say,
a moral question is not decided by God!
The Catholic education in Queensland and in many places elsewhere around the planet has long been controlled by modernism to varying degrees. The result is that the 'Catholics' - the 'Catholic' voters - they produce are not really Catholics at all but have a slippery, general belief in hazy things. They do, however, believe that their consciences are what count in what they decide. They do
not seem to have been taught, at all, that they have the imperative duty of making their consciences properly informed.
That is the same as an educational system producing a 'doctor' who knows nothing about medicine and the human body and telling him that whatever he thinks best will be right for the patient!!!

The Catholic education system has a lot to answer for.  W

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