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Musings 2004/177

Although the writer of the preview admits to not having seen the film he rated it as demonic because of Gibson's part in the film - Gibson is a Roman Catholic idolater, you see.
How the writer hates The Church!
And how he hates the Pope, claiming that the film had to be demonic because the Pope approved of it!!
The leading actor, too, says the writer, is also a
Roman Catholic idolater, and therefore the film would be full of deception.
I have come across some of these 'born-again' people before this. Once they joined us in a demonstration against an abortion conference held on the Sunshine Coast. They came as a crown, sang some of their songs, had a couple of speakers, and left.
I thought they did well.
That and other matters that have come to my notice, made me think that they may have something of a Christian spirit.
After reading this villainous attack on The Church, on Catholic Dogma and on our super-Pope, I was brought to the obvious realisation that deception is the name of the game for the poor 'born-agains'.
To attack the Mystical Body of Jesus Christ in the fashion that he did -
in the name of 'born-agains' - and to do so under the banner of Jesus Christ and of Scripture, has to be something out of an evil source.
I have seen some of these so-called religions whose main teaching, whose main purpose in life, comes across as hatred of anything Catholic. The venom in them of this false indoctrination, is a frightening thing; an evil thing.
And if their venom against The Church is so aggressive, then their pure hatred of Christ's Blessed Mother, seems characteristic of one possessed.
This of course is no surprise, for if they hate The Church which issues from God The Son, then they would also hate The Mother whose Immaculate Conception comes from God The Father.
Again it is no surprise, for if anyone sincerely and honestly seeks the truth about Catholicism he will always find The Church as his sure Mother; as
the pillar and foundation of the truth. (1 Tim 3:15) Therefore these awful religions make hatred for The Church their prime and most forceful teaching, so that their followers do not become lost to them by checking out Catholicism.
These deceived people show directly opposing traits of the true Christian which are

  1. obedience to the Vicar of Christ;
  2. devotion to The Woman of Scripture;
  3. adoration of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist.
These poor people, while claiming belief in Scripture, do not accept Scripture, for the Word of God proclaims these three required traits loud and clear.
It is quite incredible that Scripture is  so impossibly twisted by them to actually come out believing the opposites!!
The Passion of The Christ
This is a horror film based on the facts, portraying the unrestrained raw-power of  Truth; portraying with devastating forthrightness, The very Love of God for His children.
That God-made-Man should embrace the Cross! That He should do so for the sake of every brother and sister of His, everywhere, in every age!
There are really no surprises in the movie. In fact what happened to the Lord was predicted in some detail in the Old Testament centuries before.
There are no surprises because we have read the actual, historical account of the Passion in New Testament Gospels.
The movie is a sledgehammer that strikes at the human heart, preserving at the same time, all of God's Graces found there.
It is a healing spirit, too, that reconstructs the shattered heart with greater maturity, beauty and capacity, installing in it a greater and clearer reality of the Cross and the Redemption that comes from the Cross.
This reconstruction proceeds.
It continues.
As the heart absorbs the harshest reality of the Passion hour upon hour, day upon day, as faithfully presented by the film, a vigorous seed of Christian spirit swiftly sprouts forth incorporating and embellishing the Graces preserved.
Majestic Tree
I am reminded of John Paul II's and John XXIII's 'little seed'
P  The "little seed" of the Council, an expression used by John XXIII in 1961, has become today, according to the Pope, "a tree" of "majestic branches." Therefore, in bidding farewell to the Symposium participants, the Pope left them with a very concrete message: "A new season is opening before our eyes: it is the time to go profoundly into the Council teachings, the time of the harvest of what was sowed by the Council Fathers."
"The Ecumenical Council Vatican II
was an authentic prophecy for the life of the Church; it will continue to be this during many years of the third millennium that has just begun," the Pope concluded. P
Australian TV - ABC
By a mere fluke, I switched to a review panel - supposedly - of the ABC. The fat man denounced with quiet but real venom The Passion as a Bin Laden style fundamentalist Christian propaganda!! He gave the film three stars.
The woman on the panel exposed her supreme  state of repulsion with the film, seeing nothing but horror in it, it being unfit for human viewing, she claims, and gave it no stars at all!
The other bloke was loud and eager in his disparagement of the film and agreed with the fat man and the woman but gave it two stars!
All three were as keen as mustard to get their poisonous fangs into The Passion and revelled in the opportunity. They seemed quite disappointed that the hate session was ended by the panel chairman.
They were, well and truly, stirred up.
At first I was angry with them, particularly the modernist attitude of the fat man, wondering how it would be possible to truly portray the Passion of Christ except in the full reality of it - that is to say, is there any other way then the way Gibson did it?
Do real-Christians want the show to be watered down so that we might absorb it without flinching? So that we could be nice and comfortable with Christ's agonies?
Or do we want, like the panel seems to want, an edible version that would be stomached by everyone, everywhere? Using the lowest common denominator?
I don't think so.
Meanwhile, as I, again and again, contemplate the film, I see ever new and wondrous things issuing from the numerous scenes - like an exquisite aroma wafting upwards wave after wave,  from a rose.
The method of the drama's portrayal becomes more and more noticeable and astonishing, as I recall the rich truths that are implanted throughout:- the Last Supper, the Boy Christ and Mary, selections of quotes from Christ's sermons, etc.
Whatever I recall about the actors, from time to time, reinforces my first impression that ALL of the actors were unsurpassable in their equalling the performance of any of them.
I stand amazed at their attainments.
Christ embracing the Cross - Mary, virtually carrying the Cross with Him - Mary, reaching out to Peter - the devil's satisfaction of his seeming victory - the hatred of the Jewish priests - the brutal Roman drunks - John, escorting Mary under the Cross - etc. etc.
The film is the richest tapestry of sacred and wonderful events, even if horrific. It is the story of the Creator, the Christ,

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