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Musings 2004/177

creation and evil.
It is Salvation on film.
Everything about The Passion of The Christ has the aura of divine inspiration about it - perhaps even, divine directorship and participation.
The Spirit of God is what moves the actors, directors, photographers, artwork people and all film assistants and this same Spirit leaps from the screen to every viewer, even the fat man.
Astonishingly, the freewill of man is so powerful that he can actually flee from The Spirit of God, if he chooses!
The Burning Bush of Definitive Theophany.
Thus says The Catechism of The Catholic Church about Mary - para. 723. - for in her, the Father found the 'dwelling place' where his Son and his Spirit could dwell among men. Para. 721.
Quite obviously we perceive here a clear and distinct statement that the Blessed Virgin reflects The Eternal-father. This is a most amazing declaration, for the
burning bush of Scripture points to something sacred, something divine.
However, in Mary's Immaculate Conception we again observe a wonderful reflection of The Eternal-father, for He is Purity-of-existence. 

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