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Musings 2004/178

The Truth, The Whole Truth
PIt is in accordance with their dignity as persons
--that is, beings  endowed with reason and free will
and therefore privileged to bear
personal responsibility--
that all men should be at once impelled
by  nature
and also bound by a moral obligation
to seek the truth, 
especially religious truth.
They are also bound to adhere to the truth,
once it is known,
and to order their whole lives
in accord with the  demands of truth.

However, men cannot discharge these obligations in a  manner in keeping with their own nature unless they enjoy immunity from external coercion as well as psychological freedom. Therefore the right to religious freedom has its foundation not in the subjective  disposition of the person, but in his very nature. In consequence, the  right to this immunity continues to exist even in those who do not live  up to their obligation of seeking the truth and adhering to it and the exercise of this right is not to be impeded, provided that just public order be observed. P
Truth is the crux of the matter with regard to the heresy, the apostasy and the schism that is modernism; now known as post-modernism, modernism being a universal disaster of the
Truth is the crux of the matter with regard to ecumenism within Christianity and with regard to good relations with other religions.
It is the crux of the matter in relations between Catholicism and science.
Indeed, Truth is the Crux of every matter.
I am The Truth. (John 14:6.6)
Scripture says that Love is the greatest.
13  And now there remain faith, hope, and charity, these three: but the greatest of these is charity. (I Cor. 13)
So, Love is greater then faith and hope, which are bound up within human nature. Love, of course, is God Himself - therefore is the greater.
But in saying that Love is
the greatest,

we are saying
a truth!!!

We are saying this:- The truth of the matter is that the greatest of these is charity.
It is statement of truth. It is a piece of knowledge.
Therefore, we perceive that

Love issues from Truth.

This is just so delightful that I have to say:-

Love issues from Truth.

This is not surprising at all, because that is the way of The Holy Trinity, where The Holy Spirit (Love) issues from God The Son (Truth).
It is not to be said that Truth is greater then Love, but there is equality here.
What is being said is that Truth is of the greatest importance, even equalling the ultra necessity of Love.

It is Truth that has been tampered with
in the twentieth century.
It is Truth that has been waylaid
by the evil one and his army of deceivers.

And it is The Church that has preserved Truth not only over the twentieth century but since Christ walked the earth.
Post-modernists do not adhere to the Truth and so they become disobedient to The Universal Church - they defy The Church,
the pillar and ground of the truth. (1Tim. 3:25)
They actually think they know better then The Church!!
They are not backward in pointing out faults of Church leaders of the past and hinting that The Church Herself has been at fault.
Some are so extreme in their apostasy that they even preach that there is no such thing as unchanging Truth and following this nonsense, they then feel that they are able to proclaim that all religions are equal before man and before God!!
Such is the fatal disease that comes upon those who turn away from Truth.

The Goodness of The Eternal-father
which He shares with us,
is to be adored;
The Truth of The Eternal-son
which He shares with us,
is to be adored;
The Love of The Eternal-spirit
which He shares with us,
is to be adored.

Travelling in Time
It is often said that our sins caused the suffering and death of Jesus Christ.
This is a truth that probably
all Christian denominations would accept.
This is positively true because Christ died for all sinners past, sent and to come. He didn't just die for the sinners of His day and before His day. He died for us who were to come after Him - otherwise, the Faith is of no use to us.

Therefore, our sins
go back in time
and are laid upon Jesus

in the form of the brutal whip-lashes and the blood-letting nails. Our offences against God defy time and return 2,000

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