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Musings 2004/178

years to Israel, to Golgotha; they are laid upon Him in the form of the Cross and in the black depression that devastated Him at Gethsemane.
This is the fact of the matter.
P I saw the grotto around Him filled with frightful figures.

I saw the sins, the wickedness,
the vices, the torments,
the ingratitude of men
torturing and crushing Him,

and the horror of death, the terror that He experienced as Man at the greatness of the expiatory sufferings soon to come upon Him, I saw pressing around Him and assailing Him under the form of the most hideous spectres.

Wringing His hands,
He swayed from side to side,
and the sweat of agony covered Him.

He trembled and shuddered. He arose, but His trembling knees could scarcely support Him. His countenance was quite disfigured and almost unrecognisable. His lips were white, and His hair stood on end.
It was about half-past ten o'clock when He staggered to His feet and, bathed in sweat and often falling, tottered rather than walked to where the three disciples were awaiting Him.
P (A.C. Emerich p.85)
If that is the case, then our thoughts and actions that attract the Grace of God,

also go back in time
to sooth Him in His agonies.

I would think that the good thief on the cross would represent the goodness found in us, past, present and to come. Simon of Cyrene, too - he who helped Jesus carry His Cross.
The Angels at Gethsemane; the weeping women as He agonised His way to Golgotha - they too must represent our good deeds.
Most of all of course, would our blessed Mother, Mary, represent us in giving relief and fortitude to Jesus in His incredible sufferings.
It is part of God's Salvation for His children that our sins be present to Jesus, 2,000 years ago, because He died for us, He suffered in reparation for our sins, enabling us to reach our places in Heaven beside Him.

It is also part of His Salvation, therefore
that the good we do
also be present.

Indeed the good we do and the souls saved by His Passion, were present to Him at Gethsemane, giving Him strength, consolation and joy.
PAfter Jesus had with deep emotion gazed upon those citizens of Heaven belonging to former ages,

the angels pointed out to Him
the multitudes of future saints who,
joining their labours
to the merits of His Passion,
would through Him be united
to the Heavenly Father.

This vision was unspeakably beautiful and consoling.

All passed before the Lord
in their number, their race, and various degrees of dignity
all adorned with their sufferings
and good works.

Then did He behold the hidden and inexhaustible streams of salvation and sanctification that were to spring from the death that awaited Him as Redeemer of mankind. The Apostles, the disciples, virgins and holy women, martyrs, confessors, and hermits, Popes and Bishops,

the future multitudes of religious
men and women
in a word, the immense army
of the blessed
passed before Him.

All were adorned with crowns of victory won over passion and suffering. The flowers of their crowns differed in form, colour, perfume, and vigour in accordance with the various sufferings, labours, and victories in which they had gloriously struggled.

Their whole lives and actions,
the peculiar worth and power
of their combats and victories,
as well as all the light, all the colours
that symbolised their triumphs,

came solely from their union with the merits of Jesus Christ.

The reciprocal influence
and relation of all these saints
upon one another,
their drinking out of one same Fountain,
namely, the Most Blessed Sacrament
and the Passion of the Lord,
was a spectacle
unspeakably wonderful and touching.

Nothing connected with them happened by accident: their works and omissions, their martyrdom and victories, their apparel and appearance,

though all so different,
yet acted upon one another
in unending unity and harmony.

And this perfect unity in the most striking diversity sprang from the rays of light and sparkling colours of one single Sun, from the Passion of the Lord, the Word made Flesh, in whom was life, the light of men, which shone in darkness, but which the darkness did not comprehend.

It was the army of future saints
that passed before the soul of the Lord.

Thus stood the Lord and Saviour
between the ardent desires
of the Patriarchs
and the triumphant host of future saints,

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