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Musings 2004/178

which reciprocally filling up
and completing one another, so to say,
surrounded the loving Heart
of the Redeemer
like an immense crown of victory.
This unspeakably touching spectacle afforded the soul of the Lord, who had allowed all kinds of human suffering to pass over Him,

some strength and consolation.

P (A.C. Emerich p. 105/6)
Here the great Anna Catherina described how Jesus received some consolation in the Garden of Gethsemane where otherwise He was the subject of horror after horror.
We perceive so far, something we have always known, that is that
our offences against our Creator brought about the Passion of Christ. We also perceive that our good works gave Him consolation.
What I am proposing as an extension of this is that - therefore -

we are able to make a deliberate decision
to go back in time
to the ACTUAL Passion
and there give The Lord
some consolation and even strength!

While this comes about in the natural order of things as willed by The Heavenly-father, it seems to me that we might deliberately co-operate with Him and CONSCIOUSLY be present at the Passion, offering our assistance, meagre as it may be.

And the best way to do this would be
to support and encourage
the blessed Mother
so that she, who gives Him by far
the greatest support and comfort,
may be able to rest upon
and be refreshed by,
her other children
in her work of Co-redemptrix.

For, it seems to me, Mary was the only one who could offer Him a support that would guarantee the greatest result, just as it was only Mary who was able to say Yes to becoming the avenue that God would take to become man.
PDraw near beloved sons, to the fount of grace and mercy which gushes forth from the pierced Heart of Jesus Crucified. Today,

let yourselves be led with me up Calvary

that we may live together, through the painful and precious hours of His agony.

Enter with me, into the depths
of his divine Heart

to savour all the bitterness of his chalice; the abandonment of his own, the treason of Judas, all the sin of the world which crushes him under an impossible and deathly weight. P To The Priests, Our Lady's Beloved Sons. Page 224 & 244.
Taking it for a fact that we are able to go back in time to Jesus' Crucifixion, presenting ourselves before Him as He perished upon the Cross, what better way to console Him then to cry out with a thunderous voice, combining our own agony with Him and that of His blessed Mother:-   
Thank You, Jesus.     W

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