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Musings 2004/180

Son of Man

Besides the name Jesus, our Saviour is best known as Son of Man, for this is what He named Himself on many occasions.
As I have inquired into previously and reported on in this column, the name
Son of Man has tremendous meaning in the books of the Old Testament.
Yet it has much more meaning in the books of the New Testament and
links the two books of Scripture perfectly together. It links them together through the Messiah, just as it should.
Jesus is The Son of Man in so far as He teaches us that He has taken on a human body and soul and that

He is totally human.

In saying that he is Son of Man, He is intimating that He has clothed Himself in a human nature

but also, that He is Something higher.

This is so, because normally the son of man can not be described otherwise then as a wilful sinner. We are all sons of man - that is, we are all human beings - descended from Adam and Eve, sharing their defiance of The Creator by way of original sin which overshadows all human beings, excepting Jesus and His blessed Mother.
We perceive then, in naming Himself as
Son of Man, Jesus is teaching us a multitude of truths, based on the Tradition of the Old Testament, leading into and complimenting the New Testament.
A pivoting point of Jesus' claim to be
Son of Man is naturally, His Mother,

for He is the Son of Mary.

In saying He is the Son of Man He is saying, first and foremost, that He is her Son without limiting the incredible meaning these words assume, from the very beginning.
He is saying that He is the Son of Mary because Mary is the crucial, the only, the perfect personal link - only below God Himself - between Israel and New-Israel.
This fact is highlighted by the exquisite Truth that Mary is the Immaculate Conception which directs our attention to Mary's perfect reflection of The Eternal-father, Who is Eternal-immaculateness. This perfect reflection is further confirmed in Mary's Motherhood which, in creation, parallels the Eternal-fatherhood -

for Jesus is also, the Son of God.

And real Catholics should vote accordingly.
So says the courageous Archbishop Chaput (refer article page 5 herein), in showing up the 'Catholic' politicians who support abortion etc., for what they are.
How badly The Universal Church needs Bishops like this one?! One who not only has the courage of his Faith and the Truth to go with it, but makes public witness nationally and internationally.
I can almost hear the delighted roar of approval of real-Catholics around the world

when such Bishops
do what they are supposed to do.

It is not as if Archbishop Chaput was doing more then was asked of him. No. He is only doing what is required of him, i.e. preach the Truth.
Because this Catholic hero of the USA is a beacon of Truth for the world, I forgive him for plagiarising my wording:-
However, this being an election year for the state of Queensland, where this Archbishop's advice has already been ignored by the state's voters - consequently we have a government whose politics
exclude use of real-morality - it is of paramount importance that the voters of Australia do not make the same blinded blunder as did Queenslanders.
The federal election to be held later this year is, of course, vital. Perhaps more vital then ever before.
And morality is the key word - the premium decider upon which voters should ponder.
As the Archbishop declares, in his support of Pope John Paul II,

The right to life comes first.
It precedes and under-girds
every other social issue
or group of issues.

That is to say, any party or any candidate who supports abortion or euthanasia, is a definite no-no. And let us go a step further. Any candidate who does not support the right to life of the unborn and the aged/crippled, must be given his marching orders.
There is a difference here - for some candidates are prepared to exclude themselves from voting on these moral issues when they are put to the test. They - somehow or other - think their conscience is soothed over by not voting at all when they could have voted against immoral legislation!!
They fool themselves, but let us pray they do not fool the voters yet again.
As the Archbishop says:-
And real Catholics should vote accordingly.
The crucifixion of the Son of Man on the Cross that we should have but could not carry, is Redemption itself.
The Crucifixion leads to the Resurrection - the Resurrection is the
result of the Crucifixion.
The world was made for the Son of God, Jesus Christ. The universe was made for Jesus Christ and

therefore Redemption is for all creation
as well as for this world.

Golgotha, with The Cross bearing the Son of Man therefore, became that point in time and space that transcends all time and space.
32  And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all things to myself. John 12.
Well, He
was lifted up, and so He did draw all things to Himself - all of creation; all time and space.
I cast myself upon my knees in Thy sight.
These are words from the Prayer Before a Crucifix, but the words suggest that one prays before Jesus Himself for it says in Thy sight. A crucifix does not have 'sight'.
The Prayer includes:
I ponder within myself and mentally contemplate Thy five most precious Wounds, having before my eyes that which David spoke in prophecy of Thee O good Jesus; 'They have pierced my hands and my feet; they have numbered all of my bones'.
If, as we have perceived in a previous Musings, Christ was able to gain comfort and encouragement from His fore-knowledge of all future men and women who would gain salvation by His Cross as well as past generations of men and women from Adam and Eve onwards, then I would suggest that

we should place ourselves in that number -

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