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Musings 2004/180

don't you think?

On that premise therefore, we can proceed to being consciously aware that we were in Jesus' thoughts, personally, at Gethsemane.
I was there. You were there.
Being then in Jesus' vision of His future disciples, might we not consciously present ourselves to Him, in that vision, when we pray e.g. the Holy Rosary?
May we not then, when before Him in the Tabernacle, perceive ourselves before Him at Golgotha?
Somehow, the Holy Mass is a re-presentation of Golgotha and so time and space are re-ordered - are re-presented - to make this a sure fact, not only spiritually but historically - physically!
The Holy Mass is the same Sacrifice as that of Golgotha!
That being the case and real-Catholics are required to so believe, then what the Holy Mass is

is a time/space transporter.

Of course I am not talking about time machines or the like, but I am talking about a method whereby we might be able to present ourselves before Jesus at the time and at the place of His Passion; of His Death on the Cross.
If Jesus can see us 2,000 years ago, then let us present ourselves to Him in His perceptions of the future in a manner befitting the visions of Ana Catherina so that we might afford Him
some strength and consolation.
Comforter of The Afflicted
Mary, because she is the Mother of the Son of Man and the Son of God, is therefore many other things to Him. Certainly she would have been a great comfort to Him - even those who detest real-Catholics in their great devotion to Mary, would have to admit that, like every mother to her son,

Mary MUST have been a comfort to Jesus.

Nevertheless, The Church has long maintained that Mary is the Comforter of the Afflicted. Certainly in the Litany of the Blessed Virgin which was once common practice in all Parishes throughout the world and still is in a great number, we find her addressed as Comforter of the Afflicted and I quote the particular paragraph:

Ark of the covenant, Gate of heaven, Morning star,
Health of the sick, Refuge of sinners,
Comforter of the afflicted,
Help of Christians.

If Mary is Comforter of the Afflicted - and she most certainly is - then we can be assured that Mary was Jesus' greatest comforter.
Who, with the Truth inside him, can deny that?
No doubt there are some people who would deny this and we would know by that denial that he does not have the Truth in him!! One simply prays for such a one and carries on.
Now that we have
easily shown that common sense would certainly dictate that The Mother, The Woman of Scripture, would certainly have what other mothers have - that is comfort and support for her own Son - then we can move on to the further reality that

no other person
could have comforted or strengthened Jesus Christ
more then she.

This points to the obvious conclusion that we, miserable sinners, subjects of original sin who grope in the darkness of evil that heavily weighs upon our shoulders, can not hope to comfort or encourage Our Lord in His Passion in any comparison to those of His Mother, Mary.

But we want to.

While we can not but do otherwise then to appeal to Jesus Christ for our Salvation that comes out of Golgotha, there is no reason why we can not attempt also, to do even the littlest bit to comfort and encourage Him in His Passion.
Yes, we must look for His Salvation, but surely we are able to repay Him just a little?
How best to repay Him?
As His Mother is His greatest comforter, then simple common sense dictates that we can best comfort and encourage Him by

standing beside Mary,
at The Cross.

Isn't this what we do at Holy Mass?
If we attend Holy Mass as a re-presentation of Christ' Sacrifice, then most definitely we are standing before Him on The Cross of Salvation; therefore, standing beside Mary.
If we are standing beside Mary beneath His Cross, then let us not be distant from Mary.
Let us be close to her.
Could we not even come VERY close to her, as her other children - perhaps put a comforting arm around her! Are we not brothers and sisters of her Son? Could we not then present ourselves beside her, beneath The Cross of our Brother Jesus, her Son, trying to be loving children to His Mother - and ours?
The Holy Rosary
If we would comfort and encourage The Mother of The Son of Man, so that she, in turn, would comfort and encourage her Saviour and ours all the better, then there is a sure way of doing this: pray The Rosary.

What if we could,
while saying The Rosary,
station ourselves
beside her
at Golgotha?

While we contemplate the Mysteries of The Rosary - the Joyful, the Sorrowful, the Glorious and now John Paul II's Mysteries of Light; all alluding to Salvation, to Resurrection, to Eternal-life -

are we not joining ourselves
to the Life of Jesus;
to the time and space
in which Jesus and His Mother lived?

Lately, I have been making a deliberate intention that, when I e.g., say the Holy Rosary, I present myself beside Mary on Golgotha, before The Cross of Salvation; before The Son of Man.
Like Mary and the Apostle John, I might be a lonely figure there where most of the witnesses were loud in their boisterous, bizarre satisfaction that a 'prophet' recognised by the people of Israel, was at last being got rid of.
But would I really be alone?
Of course not.

All of Mary's children
will be there.

They will come in the hundreds upon hundreds of millions - from all generation - those who shall call her blessed.
20  For where there are two or three gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them. Matthew 18.
Jesus makes Himself present with two of three of us,
gathered in His Name.
Let the Presence be at Golgotha.
Jesus at Gethsemane, perceived 

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