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Musings 2004/180

the future multitudes of religious
men and women.

He perceived

their drinking out of one same Fountain,
namely, the Most Blessed Sacrament
and the Passion of the Lord.

What He perceived

was the army of future saints

that passed before the soul of the Lord.
What was the result of this exquisite foretaste of His Triumph? He found himself virtually clothed by His disciples, past, present and for all time.

Thus stood the Lord and Saviour
between the ardent desires
of the Patriarchs
and the triumphant host of future saints,
which reciprocally filling up
and completing one another, so to say,
surrounded the loving Heart
of the Redeemer
like an immense crown of victory.

So we can understand - it is fairly evident - that Jesus was greatly encouraged, comforted and strengthened by the members of His Mystical Body from every generation - from Adam to the end of the world.
It would seem, in fact, that this
immense crown of victory was a sure and certain fact even 2,000 years ago at Jerusalem!!
Indeed this
immense crown of victory was accomplished at Golgotha.

  1. These things I have spoken to you,
that in me
you may have peace.
In the world you shall have distress.
But have confidence.
I have overcome the world. John 16.

Jesus here stated, 2,000 years ago that He had overcome the world.
He did not say that He will have overcome the world in a few thousand years! He said it then and of course He meant it as taking place THEN.
Personal Vision of Christ 2,000 years Ago
Not only has Anna Catherina Emmerich been able to view events in the past, but other holy people have too. Indeed I have to hand just such an occurrence, as follows.
Many years ago, my younger brother was involved with a sect called Scientology (very evil bunch). He lived with them and as far as we were concerned, he was completely brainwashed and had denied his family etc. After a few years, my folks became very desperate that he would be lost to them forever.
My father decided that the only solution would be to somehow kidnap him and get him to be de-brainwashed (or deprogrammed). After much deliberation I was elected to infiltrate the organisation and find out where they had him. So I set about becoming a member, which required a bunch of weird stuff and some lying some of the weird stuff was a form of hypnosis (my mother is a therapist and she said afterwards that it is a form of low level hypnosis that they use to obtain info which they can use to manipulate the individual later) .
They use this as a form of regressive stuff, like going back through childhood etc., but other stuff came through which I remember to this day it was so vivid.

It was as though I were
alive at the time of the Christ.

I was living in a remote cave by a lake, I felt that I was kicked out of the community, and had become a hermit or something.
Then I heard of the Messiah and went out hoping to see Him for he was by the lake with a lot of others and

I managed to come close to him.
I touched his garment
and was hit by some-one for doing so ....
but I was healed and was so happy.

Then my perceptions jumped to a later time. The scenery changed. I was walking up a long hill carrying bread that I was bringing to some-one (as a gift) - don't know to whom.
As I came to the top of the hill, the earth began to shake violently, the sky turned all shades of red and purple, and dark shadows. I fell to the ground and began to cry.
In the distance I saw three crosses on a hill, the people all around were very noisy and angry, but as the earth began to shake they fell silent, not a sound could be heard, except weeping and wailing, and the sound of thunder roared out of everywhere at once.
It was gut wrenching, and I knew that the Messiah was dead...end of memory.
It was frightening and extremely sad.
When they let me wake up I cried for along time, they had to let me go home, as I was unable to deal with any further audit (as they call it).
Here we have a most amazing story. Certainly it is no more incredible then other visions had by a select few of the Saints. While there is no proof of the authenticity of this 'vision', nor can it be proven to be untrue.
However, it does lend itself to the possibility that, somehow, we are able to project ourselves back to Golgotha and to The Cross.
The Whole of a Person
Bearing in mind that God is outside of time and space, we are then able to perceive that time and space are things created.
The time and space that are ours from conception until physical death - in total - are what we are.
Jesus Christ's time and space in creation are also what He is; always infinite however, because His Person is that of
The Son of God, second Person of The Blessed Trinity.
It would seem to me then that the Totality of Jesus Christ, although brought forth and completed in time and space as
The Son of Man, remain forever; is somehow encapsulated perhaps beyond time and space. This encapsulation must be accessible by the Angels and Saints in Heaven and perhaps also accessible by select people still on earth.
This encapsulation - that being the case for Jesus - must also be the case for ourselves.
Each person in Heaven is the totality of himself and absolutely viewable by God and each and all of the heavenly host.
That would be the reason why souls are determined not to enter Heaven until perfectly healed by a period in Purgatory. Their sinfulness is so repulsive and shameful that Purgatory would seem like the most exquisite and wonderful place of healing.

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