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Musings 2004/180

This infinite encapsulation of Jesus Christ's
time and space on earth
is accessible by us!

Is not the Holy Mass a re-presentation of Golgotha? If that is the case - and it is - then Holy Mass is an entry point to Christ's Life. It is the entry point for Christ to come to us in the Sacrament of Love, the Eucharist.
The Catholic Church is an ultimate Reality. This is Her teaching on the Blessed Sacrament, so we are not talking about fairy tales.
A Difference in Being Conscious of Christ's Vision
It is completely probably that Christ was aware of the multitude of future men and women who would find Salvation through His Cross. In fact, it is most improbable that He was not so aware.
What I am proposing here is that, presuming we are included in Christ's visions, then it is also most probable that most of us are not conscious of being so included - so, I am proposing that we become conscious of actually being included; that Jesus sees you and me, personally, from distant Gethsemane.
If He can see you and me 2,000 hence perhaps then, in being conscious of this direct contact - this bypassing of time and space - could
we not use this by-pass to make ourselves present, in some literal way, to Him at Golgotha, when and where He most needs us (and we Him).
This will be the case in Heaven where His Mystical Body is an infinite reality; where His immortal encapsulation and ours are One in His Divinity.
If that is the case in Heaven, then that is the case, NOW, because Heaven is timeless and spaceless.
If we consider the words of the various prayers we say, and reconsider them as being said on Golgotha, we will find a new vivid delight not only in the words but in a new communion with Jesus Christ, His Mother and all of the living creation.
Our Father Who art in Heaven…
Consider what a colossal impact these words have, being said before Jesus Christ on The Cross. Said before The Lamb of God, beside Mary - on Calvary - the prayer issues abroad with a brilliant, purified resonance and power.
Behold O kind and most sweet Jesus …
Suddenly we are part of the awesome panorama - not a wooden or metal crucifix, but the actual Cross bearing the Saviour.
Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit ….
The greatest glory that will ever be given from creation to Creator was given on Calvary which therefore became the perfect place to say this prayer; the perfect place to join the glory we would give to God with that given by Jesus Christ.
I confess to almighty God, to blessed Mary ever Virgin …
No more perfect time or place to declare our faith.
O my God I am sorry and beg pardon for my sins …
Looking upon the sacrificial Lamb there is no more suitable time or place where our souls might be impacted with the horror of our sins; to painfully perceive the agony that results from our sins; to express heartfelt sorrow for them.
For the sake of His sorrowful Passion ….
Where would be the perfect place to say this prayer?
When considering each and every Catholic prayer it soon becomes clear that the best time and place to say it is at Calvary, with Mary.
At Calvary, contemplating the various mysteries of the
Holy Rosary we bring to mind Christ's life on earth with His Mother; with His disciples; pondering on the Incarnation and birth, His  family life and His public teaching; His miracles and the glory and salvation that follows.
There could hardly be a better way then this contemplation, to offer Him praise and honour, love and gratitude, glory and adoration - to recognise, acknowledge and appreciate Him as the crucified Saviour of creation.

Hail, Sacred Blood,
flowing from the wounds of Jesus Christ,
and washing away the sins of the world.
O cleanse, sanctify and keep my soul,
that nothing may ever separate
me from Thee.
Eternal Father
through the death of Thy Son Jesus
on the Cross,
and through the shedding of His precious Blood,
have mercy on me and on all Thy creatures. Amen.

This little prayer, recommended for saying after Consecration at Mass, I found in an English 'Simple Prayer Book' - 1930. The author of this prayer hails the Saviour while the Scared Blood is flowing from the wounds and while It is washing away the sins of the world. The author is addressing Jesus on the Cross of Golgotha! Way to go.
Where else would we say such a prayer, were we able?
Here is a another prayer:

Prayer to Console and Strengthen
At Gethsemane You transcended time and space,
O my Lord Jesus - O Sacrificial Lamb of God -
and You surveyed the massive, glorious army
of the future saints
of every nation and
of every generation,
who gained great sanctity
only through the Infinite Merits
of Your Passion; of Your Cross,
and in this, You were somewhat strengthened and consoled.
With boldness, hope and humility,
I place myself in this transcendent survey of Yours
not as one of Your great Saints
but as a little child
who seeks a place beside Your Immaculate Mother
the holy women and the Apostle John,
at the foot of Your Cross,
so that I might  somewhat strengthen and console
Your Mother and mine,
for she is Your greatest consoler.
I also join with her there
and with all the Angels, Saints and Holy Souls,

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