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Musings 2004/181

Golgotha  Representatives?

In my musings on presenting oneself before The Cross on Calvary, beside Mary, the Apostle John and the Holy Women, it has since seemed to me that, that being the case, our fantastic God had prepared for such an event.
Is there an event He has not prepared for?
I asked myself:-

Could The Almighty perhaps
have decreed that those
with Jesus at  Golgotha
during His Passion,
were also there
as personal representatives
of the future Saints
of different times and places ?

Could the various people supporting Jesus Christ one way or another during His Passion, represent the different types of Christ's followers down through the centuries?
Could it be that
John the Apostle, for example, represents all those - fearless, chaste, loving - who stand beside Jesus Christ and His Church to the end, or, if they do not know Jesus or His Church, stand for goodness, truth and love; and so give Jesus some strength and consolation throughout His Passion?
That he represents all those men and women genuinely consecrated to spiritual goodness, truth and love, of every religion but

especially the Priests of Christ

who generate Him on the Catholic altars, since Golgotha?
Could it be that
Simon of Cyrene, who helped Jesus carry His Cross, represents all those people who suffer greatly in patience and perseverance and who, knowingly or unknowingly,

join their crosses to Jesus' Cross,

thus making His Cross a little easier to bear: indeed, actually helping Him carry His Cross?
Could it be that the weeping
Holy Women represent all those who are inconsolable over the injustices and wrongs of the world especially upon the most innocent and the most defenceless, the unborn and the aged, and

in their lament,
give Jesus a little relief
from the atrocious wrongs and injustices
incurred upon Himself?

Could it be that the Good Thief on the cross beside Jesus represents all those who have been caught up in inequity and evil but

who have cried out for and embraced,
divine assistance,

and in this, provided Jesus with just a slight delight amidst His great agony?
Could it be that the
Roman centurion - in spite of his being a part of those who sought Jesus' Life, cried out  Indeed this was the Son of God - represents all those who,

when presented with positive proof
of Jesus' role as Messiah,
give instant recognition

and give glory to God and to His Christ?
Could it be that
Peter, who was to be given the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and who in his bravado for Jesus' safety, cut off a soldier's ear, was reproved for his action and then later, even denied Jesus, but repented - could it be that he represents

all those spiritual leaders of every type
who seek Truth

and in spite of adversity and setbacks, become pillar-stones of Truth, and in their love for Truth, align themselves with Jesus Who is Truth-personified, thus showing recognition, acknowledgment and appreciation of The Son of God, soothing His every wound on The Cross? Could it be that Peter, human, yet as Christ's Vicar on earth, infallible,

represent all the Popes down the centuries?

Could it be that the other Apostles who even though they did not show themselves as such during Jesus' Passion,

represent all those spiritual leaders
of every religion
who at first flee or step back from
The Truth

but who later rebound with astonishing enthusiasm, to the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, forming the Unity sought in Jesus' words:-  John 17:22 

And the glory which thou hast given me,
I have given to them:
that, they may be one,
as we also are one?

Could it be that that
these present-day Apostles
of the New Evangelisation,
having lead their faithful back
into unity
within the Mystical Body of Christ,
provide the Sacrificial Lamb of God,
at Golgotha,
with delicious satisfaction
during His timeless, spaceless pinnacle
of endeavour
on The Cross,
joining Creator and creation?

Could it be that the Mother, the Woman, Mary, represents all mothers, everywhere, especially those whose children

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