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Musings 2004/181

suffer in innocence; that she represents all women, everywhere, especially holy virgins and martyrs and women of chastity;

that she represents,
in her Immaculate Conception
as she did before the Archangel Gabriel
when her 'yes'
brought forth The Son
into His Own creation -
all humanity, everywhere:
indeed, that she represents all creation?

Could it be that Mary, in her immaculateness and in her representing humanity and creation,

brings the greatest consolation
and even satisfaction and delight
to The One on The Cross,

for it was through His Infinite Merits that Mary was in fact, conceived Immaculate and remained Immaculate?
I have heard a good Priest say that

Jesus would have still accepted
The Passion
even if there was only one person to be saved!!

Certainly then, if that one person was His exquisite Mother, His Passion would have seemed somewhat lessened in agony.
But further,

in representing all humanity,

Mary's perfect reflection of The Heavenly-father, presenting herself before Him on The Cross,

brought incalculable consolation and strength
to The Man, Jesus, her Son.

A Stranger
PThe terrible scourging had lasted fully three-quarters of an hour

when an obscure man,
a stranger
and relative of that blind Ctesiphon
whom Jesus had restored to sight,
rushed indignantly to the back of the pillar,
a sickle shaped knife in his hand,
and cried out: "Hold on!
Do not beat the innocent Man to death!"

The drunken executioners, startled for a moment, paused,

while with one stroke
the stranger
quickly cut the cords that bound Jesus.

They were all knotted together, and fastened to a great iron nail at the back of the pillar.

The man then fled back
and disappeared in the crowd.

Jesus sank, covered with blood and wounds, at the foot of the pillar and lay unconscious in His own blood. The executioners left Him lying there and went to drink and call to their villainous companions, who were weaving the crown of thorns.  P A.C. Emmerich P.211.
stranger is not recorded in Sacred Scripture but I am happily prepared to accept A.C. Emmerich's vision of this untold hero, for

does he not represent
all those unknown, unsung people
who in their own way,
day to day,
do many little things greatly?

Does he not represent all those wonderful people who never achieve greatness in this world, but humbly labour and serve without recognition, yet do in fact, achieve greatness in this steadfastness, gentleness and basic goodness?
Do they not, like this
stranger, attain hero-status as the silent majority - who are seldom consulted but who rise up in indignation and courage when the occasion presents itself?
Redemptionis Sacramentum
This Instruction from The Magisterium of The Catholic Church has been available to the world since 25th. March, 2004. It was approved by Pope John Paul II on the 19th. of that same month.
In this Instruction The Church makes Herself clear on what is required and what is not required, with regard to the Holy Sacrifice of The Mass.
Now, almost four months later,

What  is the result of the Instruction?

Now, after some debate and reporting in 'Catholic' newspapers in Queensland, Australia,

What has transpired?

The Catholic Leader, the paper put out by 'Catholics' in this state, has very, very few readers. This is most fortunate in that the nonsense and garbage that can be found therein, doesn't reach the great majority of those who come under the name 'Catholic'.
It also means that few have read about this Instruction.
From what I am able to hear from the pulpit, nothing has been said from that vantage point about the Instruction.
From what I have seen during Mass, locally, up to and including today, absolutely
nothing has been done to rectify the numerous defiances carried out there.
Presumably, the Archbishop must realise that his Priests have not complied with the Instruction and he seems to have done
Or has the Archbishop directed his Priests to comply and they have done
nothing towards obeying him?
Perhaps the impossible has happened and the local Priests have not heard of Redemptionis Sacramentum? The rest of the known world has heard about it, but they have not?
Or is it more likely that they are fully aware and have shown total contempt for the Magisterium and have turned their backs on The Church  - yet again?
And if they are in contempt of the Magisterium, clinging to a defunct apostasy - still fantasising in a failed heresy - one has to wonder at such a new height of stubborn blindness.
The modernist apostasy has long been proven an absolute failure, yet there remain those who cling to this vast,

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